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Mechanical cufflinks that 007 would want to own


March 15, 2010

Quick fire mechanical cufflinks are the ultimate men's fashion accessory

Quick fire mechanical cufflinks are the ultimate men's fashion accessory

If you thought micro-pistons were only found in very small cars, think again. These rapid-action mechanical cufflinks are made up of more than 45 micro-components, micro-pistons are just some of them. These super high-tech mechanical cufflinks with their exclusive pushpiece system for easy locking and unlocking will save time when dressing for that black tie engagement – probably micro-seconds.

Made from 18ct gold and titanium, these cufflinks are sure to be the talk of the party – unless you’re too discreet to show them off. Created by high-end watchmaker Romain Gauthier, the mechanical cufflinks comprise micro-joints, micro-springs and micro-pistons (but no micro-price).

And their unique safety system prevents any accidental loss of the cufflinks while wearing them. But we’re convinced that 007 or others of his ilk will find a more sinister use for these fashion accessories.

So, if you can’t think of anything to buy for the man in your life who has everything … we doubt that he’ll have a pair of these.


The spy could carry a power generator on his cufflinks to power his laser watch

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A number of companies as well as online shops today have come out with an exquisite variety of printed cufflinks. These cufflink box are not only beautiful in their basic forms but can also form a perfect base for reproducing any kind of prints and personalised figures or messages.

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