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Cuddle Mattress lets you get closer to your significant other


September 19, 2013

The Cuddle Mattress is designed to give your arm room to maneuver when cuddling up to your significant other

The Cuddle Mattress is designed to give your arm room to maneuver when cuddling up to your significant other

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Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship will know that having a cuddle in bed isn't always the most enjoyable of experiences. It's great for a short period of time, and then the numbness, tingling, or out-and-out pain kicks in. This is due to mattresses offering no freedom of movement for your arm and shoulder, and the solution may be simpler than you thought.

Mehdi Motjabavi has created the Cuddle Mattress, which he is hoping to turn into a viable product. As the name suggests, the Cuddle Mattress has been designed to solve any dead-arm-in-bed issues by creating the space the cuddling arm needs to avoid getting squashed.

The Cuddle Mattress is basically a normal mattress that has been divided into sections. There is a central section designed to support your torso, but the top and bottom ends have been cut into slices. When cuddling your significant other you simply slide your arm in between two of the slices to prevent any compression. Even when not cuddling up, this could be useful in helping you stay comfortable when sleeping on your side, or give you somewhere to stick your toes on cold nights.

Motjabavi has already tried the crowdfunding route to gain the funding needed to make the Cuddle Mattress a reality, but his Indiegogo campaign was unsuccessful. However, the Vimeo video he created to publicize the effort (embedded below) continues to generate interest, suggesting there is considerable demand for such a product. Motjabavi is now actively inviting investors and other interested parties to contact him in the hope that he can still bring the Cuddle Mattress to market.

Source: Vimeo, Cuddle Mattress on Facebook

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The answer to a real problem. Longer bedsheets that fold into any three of the grooves will make it work. Perhaps a mattress overlay that is added on top of the existing plain mattress? Then electric blankets, under-blankets and sheets are all situated under the answer.


Brilliant !! Though you will need slightly looser bed sheets


How do you fit a sheet to it? Or wash it? I love the idea, but I can imagine those crevices turning into something I wouldn't want to put my arm in...

Alex Griffiths

I think it should be called a "side-sleeper mattress." Cuddle is cuter, but side-sleeper is already defined as an important market segment which has special pillows, etc. Plus, I'm a side-sleeper all the time and a cuddler only part of the time. It might also be good to offer a version that is a mattress topper which is another defined segment.

Steven Cohen


Jimbo Jones

How much $$$? A protective mattress cover and 800+ thread sheets will be problematic as it's shown in the video. Making the bed and tucking it into all the slats, it seems, will take a lot of time. Good concept though.


Excellent idea!

I agree with all the others. I too am a 'side-sleeper' and my arthritic right shoulder gives me no end of gyp with an ordinary mattress.

I'm not going to wait for Mr. Motjabavi though - I'll be sleeping on my boat this weekend, so tomorrow I shall purchase some firm, closed-cell foam and make new mattresses for my bunks. :)


I too am a side-sleeper. I typically sleep with my elbow under my pillow and above my head. Seeing something like this makes me want to take a knife to my bed. What a great concept... I'd love to try one out.

Perhaps they could even offer varying "angles" to accommodate a wider range of arm-positioning.


What a nightmare a bottom sheet would turn out to be.


See the video guys. The sheet is a stretchable sheet.

Siddharth Mehta

I have flannel sheets (fitted) and they stretch a lot. But I agree that not all types of sheets will work equally well. Small price for more intimacy :)

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