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Cruciform skyscraper proposed in Liverpool


October 26, 2012

The architect claims the form has been arrived at with a "rational inevitability"

The architect claims the form has been arrived at with a "rational inevitability"

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By adopting the shape of a cross for his design, Maurice Shapero's proposal for a new skyscraper in Liverpool, UK, is sure to raise eyebrows. Far from being a religious statement, however, the architect claims the form has been arrived at with a "rational inevitability."

"The obvious question… this is the symbol which references one of the ultimate places in human spirituality," Shapero writes in the project blurb. "Should I be restricted from using it when it has come from my own investigation, imagination, conclusion? Equally obvious is my answer, to me hierarchy and ownership are as illusory as everything else in this world."

In fact, Shapero describes the intersection has his "favorite geometry," in this case forming a cantilevered restaurant in what would otherwise be a residential tower block.

Architect Maurice Shapero's proposal for King Edward Tower is actually the latest in a succession of ideas to be floated for a high-rise of that name to be built, possibly, in the city of Liverpool, UK. Curiously, prior proposals for the tower, which is named after an old pub that used to exist on the site, were directly inspired by the spires of the city's cathedrals.

Funding for the tower is yet to be finalized, and as such a planning submission is yet to be made.

Source: Maurice Shapero

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Wow, I think it's amazing that they have a floor that not being supported by others underneath it! It reall is a beautiful building and I hope it's built Sad some Americans would picket and B$#! by a bunch of liberal saying the religous looking form was an issue to them. That Building would be a perfect replacement for the world trade center...


@Gargamoth - I believe that's why it's being built in the UK.


Bogus. "Inevitability" would produce a disc, not a crossbar. This is an insulting religious stunt. Besides - nobody's going to bankroll anything that would be a target for anti-religious attacks - besides designing ugly 60's concepts, Maurice is also out of touch with commercial reality as well.


Yup, pure religious nonsense. The very fact he states, " this is the symbol which references one of the ultimate places in human spirituality" proves his myopic view of the world. Because it references human spirituality to him as a christian, he assumes the rest of the 6 Billion people in the world, most of whom are not christian, feel the same way. Architecturally, if it is such a great form...why has it not shown up in prior work? Not even in christian buildings, churches etc. do you find the cross as a part of the actual structure of a building, just an adornment.


But what does it really accomplish apart from proving that two extensions on the building can hang there without visible support? There seems to be no rationale behind it apart from aesthetics. Am I missing something?

Peter Mac

I think it is really cool. It looks like a variation of what one might see on Star Wars where the Jedi meet.

I think it would be neat if it was made.

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