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Criterion Collection's new reference Blu-ray player: a PlayStation 3


August 19, 2008

Sony's PS3 makes a damn fine Blu-ray player

Sony's PS3 makes a damn fine Blu-ray player

August 19, 2008 The PS3’s credibility as a Blu-ray player has received another boost with the news that the folks at the Criterion Collection – the distributors of “important and classic and contemporary films” – use the PS3 as their reference Blu-ray player in their new HD home theater. The news might come as a surprise to those that would assume a stand-alone player would trump a game console/Blu-ray player in the picture quality department, but the PS3 has consistently received favorable reviews of its Blu-ray playback capabilities after overcoming some early teething problems – and to be fair, many early stand alone players suffered from similar teething problems. So, when you take into account the PS3’s Blu-ray performance, media streaming capabilities and an increasing catalogue of games – finally – the unit is starting to look attractive as a lounge room media hub.

Via Crave.

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