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Digital dessert – the Cricut Cake Printer


November 24, 2010

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Modern technology has advanced so quickly, so why shouldn’t it also advance our cake decorating skills. The Cricut Cake printer will do just that ... and it might inspire a new wave of neighborhood cake competitions and children’s parties. The printer is designed to make cake decorating as simple as printing a piece of paper, but instead of using paper and ink, it cuts shapes, words, motifs and decorations into frosting sheets, cookie dough, modeling chocolate and soft candies.

There is no need for a computer, all you need to do is choose your letters or shapes and press cut and the printer will do all the work. Then simply peel away the cut shapes and start decorating.

There are step-by-step directions and creative programs included to help you map out your next cake designs, cupcake collection or even creative Mexican Tortilla party.

The current collection of printers includes; the original Cricut Cake, Cricut Mini (a smaller and cheaper version) and the Martha Stewart Cricut. All three printers come with food cutting cartridges, 12 inch x 12 inch food-safe cutting mat, stainless steel cutting blade, keypad protector, quick start guide, instructional DVD, cleaning guide and a 1 year limited warranty.

The Cricut Cake Printer is priced at US$399.99.

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could i order round shaped carrot?

David Yuan

The problem with CriCut cutters is they\'re limited to cutting what\'s in the pre-programmed cartridges, which are expensive.

To buy a decent selection of CriCut cartridges costs thousands of dollars. They do have a computer program for some models, but it can only direct the cutter to cut what\'s available in the cartridges. It can do layout with any of the available designs and fonts but to actually cut them you have to plug the cartridge with those designs and fonts into the cutter.

Spend a bit more for a computer controlled cutter and software that can send anything you can design to the cutter instead of being handcuffed to only what the manufacturer allows and charges big money for.

Gregg Eshelman
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