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David Coulthard clinches "farthest golf shot caught in a moving car" world record


June 24, 2012

Jake Shpeherd tees off while David Coulthard speeds past on his way to claiming the record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car

Jake Shpeherd tees off while David Coulthard speeds past on his way to claiming the record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car

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We’re not sure how hotly contested this particular world record is, but at the very least it does provide a nice bit of video to start the working week – particularly for those who spent the weekend hacking around the golf course chasing that elusive hole in one. Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard has claimed the record for the “farthest golf shot to be caught in a moving car, ever.”

Although video of the “hole in one” has just been released, the Guinness world record catch came on May 30, 2012, at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey, with pro golfer Jake Shepherd hitting the ball and Coulthard piloting the 571 hp Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster into which the ball landed. The ball was hit at 178 mph (286.4 km/h), with the supercar moving at 120 mph (193 km/h) when the ball plopped into the passenger seat some 275 m (902.2 ft) from the tee.

“The only way to track the ball was to keep your eyes on it all the time: it’s a real adrenaline rush but it’s not the most comfortable thing to do because for a moment, you’re not watching the road!” Coulthard said. “I was as happy as I’ve ever been winning a Grand Prix because I was so surprised quite frankly that it went in, and went in so solidly!”

Of course, the catch was part of a marketing exercise. It was to celebrate Mercedes-Benz's association with the upcoming Open Championship, but the catch was verified by a Guinness World Record adjudicator who confirmed the achievement had indeed secured the title of farthest golf shot caught in a moving car.

Without further ado, here’s the video of the hole in one shot - which understandably, took a couple of tries.

Source: Daimler

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Glad to see DC is still having fun driving. I always thought he would be better suited to endurance racing like at Le Mans or ALMS than DTM.


Great Sport. I'd watch this at the Olympics. But I'd have one ball, and 10 cars, That would be fun to watch


Although watching 10 cars capable of catching a ball hit at 178 MPH all trying to catch one ball would be MUCH more entertaining than any NASCAR race I can think of better things to do with such cars than bashing them all up in a free- for-all.


Was Callaway one of the sponsors? Interesting that he used a Taylor Made driver.

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