CouchBunker conceals a gun safe beneath bullet-resistant cushions


August 20, 2013

Besides offering a comfy place to sit and watch TV, the CouchBunker conceals a large gun safe and provides some handheld shields in the form of bullet-resistant cushions

Besides offering a comfy place to sit and watch TV, the CouchBunker conceals a large gun safe and provides some handheld shields in the form of bullet-resistant cushions

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An ordinary sofa might hide a pull-out bed or some drink holders, but a new piece of furniture from Heracles Research Corporation is designed to store an arsenal that John McClane would envy. Besides offering a comfy place to sit and watch TV, the CouchBunker conceals a large gun safe and provides some handheld shields with bullet-resistant cushions, just in case you find your living room under siege.

Heracles Research has had some experience with creating inventive anti-theft devices in the past, with previous products like the Bed Bunker and the Burglar Blaster. According to the developers, the CouchBunker is comfortable enough to act as a regular three-seat sofa or even a guest bed without giving any outward appearance of what it contains – though anyone who goes fishing for loose change might be in for a surprise. Removing the couch cushions exposes the safe's door, which is tightly secured with two Mul-T-Locks and a key.

The gun safe itself measures 78 x 29.5 x 14 in (198 x 75 x 36 cm), which the company claims is enough to hold up to 30 rifles with room left over for some ammo, smaller guns, or any other objects you want locked up. Just the safe alone weighs a hefty 650 lb (295 kg), bringing the total weight of the CouchBunker to a whopping 900 lbs (408 kg). So you're going to need either a forklift or a team of strong friends to get it into your living room. The interior of the safe is also lined with a fire wall that's rated for two hours of heat protection.

As a bonus, the company is offering bullet-resistant panels that fit onto the underside of the seat cushions and are capable of stopping a .44 Magnum round, even at point blank range. With the 20 x 24 in (50.8 x 61 cm) plates installed, each cushion is designed to act as a personal shield by pulling them out and gripping the attached handles on the sides.

The CouchBunker has clearly been designed with firearm enthusiasts in mind, but it could also save quite a bit of space if you have some other valuables you want to keep protected. If you need some extra storage, Heracles Research has also built an accompanying ottoman with its own hidden vault, as well as a light weight CouchBunker for boats and RVs.

The company is currently offering the CouchBunker in three distinct styles and a wide variety of colors. Prices range from US$5,036 for the fabric-covered Mesa model to the $7,968 leather Bridgeport version. The optional bullet-resistant plates for the cushions cost an additional $499 a piece.

Check out the video below to see a rep from Heracles Research demonstrate one of the CouchBunker's cushions stopping several bullets with little trouble.

Source: Heracles Research Corp.

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Almost a good idea.

If it were me... I would have designed it such that the door to the safe was in the rear of the couch. That way you could get at your guns while safely hiding behind the bullet proof shield.

The way it stands now... in a fire fight you'd be dead before you got one turn on the dial.

Another example of good idea with poor execution.


I wouldn't even call it a good idea, other than it's a space saving gun safe that most burglars would miss before reading this article. I can't imagine any real life scenario where it would really be much of an advantage to anyone, except if they had to flee a burning house and didn't have time to move their guns to a safe location. It's something that was way over thought before it was really thought about much. But I'm sure that there will be a few takers who always wanted one and can afford the costs involved.


Expanded Viewpoint

PeteKK, most couches are flush against walls, so getting behind one would be a wee bit difficult.

Furthermore, people who know what they are doing always have their home defense guns immediately accessible. Safes are for locking stuff up which you don't plan to use or require access to instantly, or keeping the majority of your arms and valuables out of reach by children.

The major flaw I see in this design is from an ass perspective: there is virtually no "comfy" visible at all. There is a world of comfort difference between sitting on a cushion placed on a spring or flexible slat frame and sitting on a cushion placed on an inflexible steel panel. My ass is sore just looking at it.

Rolf Hawkins

When I need a gun I do not have time to open a gun safe or load it.


When I need a gun.... well... I guess I've never really needed one. Nevermind.


I've never been robbed but do thieves check the couch?


Only in America . . . .

Lindsey Roke

.........the most paranoid nation in the world.


Hand held shields that can stop a .44? Would you really be able to hold them if they are being hit by a decent calibre round? Those I suppose if it came down to it, they'd be better than nothing.


Good for storing other non gun things too.


@PeteKK: You've got it wrong; you're supposed to hide in front of the couch, with the attackers coming from the back. The safe is well placed for access in this situation. ;-)


I wish someone would invent a television to look back into time, and do 'What-if' scenarios.

Like 1. 'What-if', the US didn't have the 2nd Amendment at its inception or when the Japanese decided to attack Pearl Harbor. 2. 'What-if' an armed intruder had broken into my home, and I was defenseless.

I guess we'll never really know if we 'need' guns in our society. I suppose we'll never really know if we don't either....If only we had some examples of societies where armed defense is outlawed, and could see the effects it has on crime and the like. Hmm... oh well, for now I'm going to 'keep' and 'bear' according to my right. As for those too afraid of an inanimate object or too naive to believe there is a need for one, I believe Darwin had a theory about this sort of thing.



In your weekly household gun fights, you mean?

Much better to have half a dozen firearms scattered about for when the relatives come to visit.



Each couch holds up to 30 rifles? Oh good - that means that I'll only need two or three of 'em to house my entire home defence armaments.

Marcus Carr

@ majapi69 For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action of accelerating the bullet down range includes accelerating a bunch of hot gas in the same direction, also the bullet slows do to atmospheric drag. The hand holding the gun absorbs more energy than the target.

@ Wombat56 There are several things that I want a gun for such as target shooting, and hunting but when it comes to defending myself and others whether it is from a rabid pit bull, a hopped up meth head, or any other immediate threat, "Hold on a sec while I unlock the safe and/or load my gun." does not cut it.


Finally a bomb save location for my cookies and chocolate GET OVER HAVING GUNS

Vincent Bevort

My first thought is... Which of your friends that you call to help you on moving day will be willing to help you move this beast up a couple flights of stairs? Probably not a good idea for renters of apartments.

Jim Stone
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