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TricorBraun’s propellant-free cooking oil spray


March 2, 2010

TricorBraun Oil Only Spray System delivers pure cooking oil without the need for propellants

TricorBraun Oil Only Spray System delivers pure cooking oil without the need for propellants

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People like cooking oil spray for a number of reasons – it only takes a second or two to apply oil to a pan, just a thin layer of oil will stop food from sticking and there’s very little wastage. Unfortunately, one less desirable aspect of using cooking oil spray is that whilst the cans may contain pure oil - they could also contain propellants. That’s where the Oil Only Spray System comes in. It’s a new way to dispense pure cooking oil by using air rather than a propellant. So you still get all the benefits of a cooking oil spray without any unwanted chemicals.

The Oil Only Spray System uses a special valve system and a unique actuator that is capable of atomizing 100% pure oil without the need for additives. It can dispense pure oil in a spray, drip or steam form. The oil is expected to be offered in a pure form or perhaps with added flavorings and will be manufactured in a four-layer pouch. This will ensure that the oil’s shelf life is extended and that oxidation is eliminated.

The spray system will be distributed by TricorBraun and manufactured by B.O.V. Solutions in partnership with Lindal Group. There’s no word on when it is expected on the supermarket shelf, but it certainly sounds like another way to reduce added chemicals from your diet and the environment.


Could this technology be adapted to suite vege oil vehicles?

Gerald Grey

Bag on valve is 10 years old now, you can take most aerosols and use a bag on valve (BOV). You may ask, why isn\'t it used so much than? There is no need, it offers less performance i.e. worse atomisation, and for this application, that may mean parts of your food still stick the frying pan. It is also much more expensive and then you get extra labour costs for its line speed being so much slower. You than have a product that is more expensive, so either you pay for it or the cost comes out of the quality of oil.


I\'ve been using Pam cooking spray in a trigger bottle for about a decade now. Maybe not as fine a mist as this thing, but works just fine.


I've been using a refillable spray atomiser for years now. I've actually got 3 of them for different oils. Maybe they don't coat as quickly as Pam, but with practice one can get very satisfactory results. I also have a plastic version for vinegars, as acids corrode metal parts. And, best of all, they are now made using 'food safe' plastics. I love using soy, walnut oil and sherry vinegar to spray my salads with. Toss in some fresh herbs and maybe a bit of parm, and you have a delicious salad, low fat, with no artificial ingredients. The only 'downfall' is that they usually only last about 2 years, but it's still worth replacing them. I will never stop purchasing them.


I don't believe there are any "food safe" plastics, only plastics that haven't "yet" been proven detrimental to our health. Remember that all of the plastics that have now been deemed unsafe were once miracle plastics that were so very, very safe. I for one do not heat up anything inside plastic containers no matter what the manufacturers say. All these frozen veggies that come in plastic bags that can be put straight into the microwave are nothing but mini body bags awaiting your disposal.

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