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Continuum Fashion launches $900 3D-printed shoes


August 20, 2012

Continuum claims that its 3D-printed shoes are "incredibly strong" despite their delicate appearance

Continuum claims that its 3D-printed shoes are "incredibly strong" despite their delicate appearance

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US-based design studio Continuum Fashion has launched a range of eye-catching made-to-order 3D-printed ladies shoes it calls strvct (as in structure). The range of formal footwear encompasses pumps to stiletto heels and, thanks to the nature of computer aided manufacturing, "everything in between."

Printers loaded with Nylon create shoes comprised of lightweight meshes which, though delicate in appearance, are deceptively strong—or so Continuum says. Fully wearable, the shoes are lined with a leather inner and a synthetic rubber outer sole.

Continuum has also created shoes from its N12 system, the same waterproof Nylon material that the studio previously used for its 3D-printed bikini. Though yet to be fully tested for footwear, the small circular discs, fabricated using custom-written code, certainly stand out.

The Nylon mesh versions are available in a range of finishes, with black, metallic and bright orange finishes among those pictured on Continuum's website. A pair will set you back US$900, though.

Continuum is experimenting with concept designs, "pushing the limits of what is recognizable as a shoe."

Source: Continuum Fashion, via Design Boom

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Ugly and expensive it must be high fashion.


What, exactly, is the $900 for? Surely it can't be for the cobbler's experience since there isn't a cobbler. Maybe the leather inner is made from unicorn skin? Or is it just because they shortened structure to the non word struct and replaced the u with a v to make it look cool?

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