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Confederate's X132 Hellcat "affordable" überbike is finally in production


December 8, 2011

Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat

Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat

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Birmingham UK may be the birthplace of many an historic motorcycle marque but Birmingham Alabama is where we'll find Confederate Motorcycles, builder of exclusive "heirloom" machines for the rich and famous. These aren't custom choppers; not the Bondo-filled multi-lacquered fantasy machines of reality TV fame. These are properly engineered and prototyped limited-production models that in the past have sported prices tags of well over $100K. This time, with the X132 Hellcat, Confederate has created a machine that could almost be thought "affordable" whilst still retaining its obsession with detail and stunning design.

Named after the legendary F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the X132 Hellcat is the result of an uncompromising design and manufacturing approach that's stretched to several years. The centerpiece of this approach is the Hellcat's billet aluminum case. Instead of the usual casting method, the Hellcat's case is machined from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. But the company's uncompromising approach does not end with the case.

"Because we design and craft each Confederate motorcycle to be a multi-generational heirloom product, we require that each component, from the carbon fiber wheels to the smallest stainless steel bolts, be of the highest quality, no matter the cost. Our clients deserve nothing less." says Clay Morrison, the company's Director of Marketing.

We last looked at the Hellcat's gradual gestation over a year ago, but now we can see the actual machine in all its glory. We also now know that the customized S&S; 132 cu (2.163 litre) V-twin engine will be providing greater than 132 bhp (100 kW) and 150 foot pounds (200 Nm) of torque to push the 500 lbs (227 Kg) bike down the road at some ridiculous speed. The figures hardly seem to matter.

Now the words "affordable" and "production" were mentioned in the title. These terms are relative. Only 150 of the machines will ever be produced and with 43 units already pre-sold, you need to get your 10% deposit in now - the company is set to begin production in January at a rate of only two units per week. Hurry up and wait as they say in the Army. To get things rolling the X132 Hellcat is set at US$45,000 (€33,700) through February 29, 2012. and then the price will rise to US$49,500 (€37,000) on March 1, 2012. Orders may be placed online at workandcycle.com. What are you waiting for?

This isn't the bike you buy to ride to work or go camping. The street drag-racing attitude is almost overwhelming. This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase of a machine that is a pure expression of engineering, craftsmanship and design. Scare yourself stupid every now and then, pose outside cafés, and for the rest of the time just bask in the ownership glow of one of the most masculine objects on Earth.

About the Author
Vincent Rice Vincent Rice has been an audio-visual design consultant for almost 30 years including six years with Warner Brothers Cinemas. He has designed several large retail installations in London and a dozen major nightclubs across the world from Belfast to Brno to Beruit. An accomplished musician and 3D computer graphics artist, Vince also writes for AV Magazine in the U.K. and the Loudscreen digital signage blog. All articles by Vincent Rice

Pales to insignificance when compared to the total masculinity of the Boss Hoss.

William Lanteigne

over 2 litre and only 130 bhp, surely this must be a typo ?


Bikes that go fast in straight lines are all but useless in the real world where roads, you know, turn.


What an absurdity. More junk from the US. A pushrod engine, chain drive, and dopey looking. Presumably that is a throttle body and not a carburetor (but a carb would fit the rest of the monstrosity) 2100 cc to make 132 hp - low perf junk! I can smell the belch from the obnoxious looking exhaust already.


fenriq! that\'s why EMTs call them donor cycles, I almost bought a Madass 125 from Sachs until I hit a patch of gravel on a corner in my Audi Avant and realized my small correction in the Avant would been a SPLAT into a fence on a donor cycle

Bill Bennett

Whilst 130 B.H.P. from 2.1 litres might not be ground breaking, 150 ft/lbs of torque from a bike is substantial by any standards. However, this is achieved by using a long stroke/small bore cylinder configuration with all the inherent disadvantages when it comes to centre of gravity.

The write up states, \"The street drag-racing attitude is almost overwhelming.\", and that is because with an engine that tall, and a swing arm that long, this was never designed to be a bike for spirited cornering. Squirt - brake hard - corner - squirt will be the riding style of necessity on this.


This is what you get when you cross a Massey Ferguson with left overs from a crashed sports bike

Randel Faarkin

If you don\'t \'get\' this bike, it\'s not for you. Stop crapping on what other people like and demonstrating your ignorance.


@ Arandel Stankovic, and tell me what is wrong with a Massey Ferguson. These motorcycles are being built to outlive the heck out of your run of the mill Japanese speed demon machine or the European Cafe racers. If someone feels the urge to own a piece of mobile art then it\'s up to them to enjoy it.....as for me \"I Wish!\"

Anthony N Wood

Getting actual numbers from Confederate Motors is like trying to find a habitable planet in a different solar system, nearly impossible. In fact getting any definite information about any bikes from Confederate Motors is nearly impossible, even for owners of the bikes! These new Hellcats have to be taken with a grain of salt, the S&S Copperhead motor at 137 Cu In. does put out less HP and torque than smaller motors from different companies, such as Patrick Racing. You may or may not be aware of Confederate\'s history, from 2000 through 2004 they were in New Orleans, the bikes were a jumble of whatever parts they could get the hands on, be the engines an S&S or Merc, or Patrick Racing, etc. with Hellcats designated as F113 or F124 based on the cubic inches of the motors used and the F series being for the frame used in the 2nd generation Hellcats. The new Hellcats of course have the newer X frame and will be powered by the S&S 137 Copperhead, however that motor actually puts out less horsepower and torque than the 124 CI S&S Sidewinder and the 125 CI Patrick Racing motor used in the 2004 Hellcats Fighter limited series which pumps out 164 HP and 147 FP of torque. Bigger does not mean more powerful in all cases. Of course the lower price might have something to do with it as well. For my taste, the 2nd generation Hellcat is the most beautiful bike the company has ever made, I am not a fan of their new P120 Fighter or Wraith and the new 3rd Gen Hellcat doesn\'t do it for me. Just my own personal taste and opinion. I do have a 2nd Gen. Hellcat Fighter that I believe was the most beautiful bike the company ever made, in fact it was used in a photo shoot for a magazine.

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