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Low Drag Lightweight Jaguar E-Type Concept car makes public debut 47 years after it was built


July 26, 2011

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It's not often that a car makes nearly fifty years after it was built, but that's what happened at the recent Cholmondely Pageant of power when the newly-restored, one and only factory-built Low Drag Lightweight Jaguar E-Type of 1964.

It crashed at very high speed testing at Montlhéry and was so badly damaged that it sat for 47 years before a complete restoration involving 7,000 hours of work restoring more than 90 per cent of the original parts to restore its magnificent original state.

Great gallery showing the many moods of the priceless masterpeice.


is it just me or does the Year imply design traits of the Corvette Stingray?

Raymond Johnson

Love this car..!!

Ptah Suide III

\"Low drag lightweight\"? The two most important fundamentals for an economic platform are your headline and grabbed my attention. So where are the details? What drag? What weight? Don\'t tease me, tell me!


Loved the 64 E type convertible, but the Lucas electrics never worked properly.

Ivan Schiller

this would be a great car for a retro-comback.

Jim Jost

The back doesn\'t look too bad but the front is definitely not low Cd design. I doubt if it has a Cd under 0.27 but prove me wrong and print the details. Perhaps it has never been tested in a wind tunnel.

Adrian Akau

I\'ll take one, no quibbles.

Miles Archer

The front end looks pretty good to me. Everything slopes back from the air intake, it\'s difficult to see how well the headlight shields are mounted but if they payed attention to the underside it should do quite well in a wind tunnel.


I doubt it is low drag compared to a lot of modern designs but compared to it\'s contemporaries it was slick. There are lots of little things that if you look are still 60\'s er \"slick\". That nice thick rubber windscreen seal for one. Almost forgot how bad those could look. They did rake the windshield by quite a bit. The E always seemed quite vertical. Anyway what you see is only half the storey, it the under tray ie the greasy side that accounts for about half of the frag either from impingement or turbulence.

If they cleaned that up and put a great sounding 6 and had modern suspension etc in it, I\'d break open my piggy bank in a flash ;-]

Facebook User

The original hard top version of the E-Type lost the beautiful lines of the open car, the roof always looking \'stuck-on\'. What a pity they didn\'t take this one into production! Why whinge about the original electrics and drag etc? That was then! What a lovely car...update the bits and pieces and bring it on! Ian Colley.


Looks like a kissing cousin to the 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO. Which they make kit car conversions for the Datsun 240- 280Z.


my 1989 Audi Avant has a CD of 0.29 and is reliable. this?

Bill Bennett

Looks a lot like this e-type special - http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/lightweight-etype.htm and this more recent photo at Goodwood - http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/photos-revival/jaguar_e-type_low-drag_coupe_83.htm except for the small lights between the main headlights and the grill. If they are \'sister\' cars, then I think it\'s a bit rich claiming this one as a debut (ok, it may be for this particular car, but cars are debuted once for the model rather than the individual cars)

Andrew Larmour

This is the most beautiful production car ever made. It was and is sex on wheels. I\'d take it no questions asked. Some modern sports cars may have better aerodynamics but none are as beautiful!


The car to compare it to (if indeed a comparison is warranted) would be the Toyota 2000GT. The ordinary hardtop, that is. The pair featured in the Bond flick: \"You only live twice\" were convertibles.

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