Tips and tricks to get more from Facebook

Facebook opened its doors beyond academic institutions back in 2006, and it's changed a lot in those nine years. Mark Zuckerberg and his huge team of engineers are continually adding new features and tools to the site and the mobile apps, so you might not have come across everything that Facebook has to offer – follow these tips and tricks to get right up to speed again.Read More

Google launches OnHub, its vision of the ultimate router

The humble home router may not have the same kind of buzz associated with smartphones and tablets, but when you think about the role it serves, it's still a very important bit of kit. Google today announced its very own take on the router: Called OnHub and built in partnership with TP-Link, it's designed to provide a secure, simple internet experience for everyone.Read More

Tips and tricks to get more from Windows 10

Windows 10 is now out and available to download, and Microsoft is reporting that millions of users across the globe are making the free switch from Windows 7 and Windows 8. The operating system comes with a fresh lick of paint and some powerful new features to help you get more from your desktop, laptop or tablet – read on for a comprehensive guide to the best features you need to know about.Read More

What is Microsoft Sway?

Last week Microsoft announced the general release of its Sway digital storytelling app. Sway, which is part of Microsoft Office and designed for creating presentations, is in many ways an alternative to PowerPoint. But what is the difference and what can it do?Read More

Google just became part of a new company called Alphabet

Today Google, the company, is smaller while the Google universe seems to be expanding with the announcement by CEO Larry Page of a new umbrella company, called Alphabet, which will include a stripped down Google focused on search and Internet products and other companies like Calico operating as subsidiaries of the new company.Read More

Epson "supertank" printers come with up to 2 years worth of ink

Epson has a new line of printers designed to tackle one of the most irritating aspects of printing – the need to change ink cartridges, often at the most inconvenient times. On Tuesday, the company unveiled a line of five new "supertank" all-in-one color printers with large ink reservoirs that can go up to two years without needing replacement. Read More

Intel and Micron announce memory breakthrough

If being a processor chip was a human job, it would be one of the most boring. That's because modern processors spend a lot of their time doing not much of anything, as they wait for the slower memory chips to catch up with them. But that may change if Intel Corporation and Micron Technology's new 3D XPoint (3D Crosspoint) technology pans out. Described by the makers as a "major breakthrough in memory process technology," it's the first new class of non-volatile memory to be released since 1989 and is reportedly 1,000 times faster than NAND flash memory.Read More


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