Hiku gets online shopping on the button

We all know the frustration of getting home from the supermarket only to realize we've forgotten something - or to find that someone else has also been. The Hiku grocery button is aimed at helping users to avoid shopping list mix-ups. it can even help users avoid going to the supermarket altogether.Read More

Google's neural network to compose email responses for you

Gmail users are set to benefit from Google's machine learning research with Smart Reply. The system will use a deep neural network to not only analyze incoming emails for what information is required to form an appropriate response, but to propose three likely replies, with the end result enabling mobile users to respond quickly to emails.
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Altwork Station puts you in a position to work

It's widely accepted that sitting at a desk all day is bad for our health and a lot of people address this by buying one of the many standing desks that have hit the market in recent years. The Altwork Station was designed to capitalize on this trend and allows users to stand, sit, or recline in order to ensure they remain comfortable and productive.Read More

Original Apple 1 computer up for grabs at auction

One of only 50 or so Apple I computers still in existence is up for grabs at an auction running over the next eight days. Online auctioneer Christie's has started the bidding at £240,000 (US$370,000) for the Apple 1 personal computer, which even comes accompanied by a original manual.Read More

Licensed replacement cases to give Amiga 1200s that new computer look

For proud owners of aging Amiga 1200s, it may seem there's little to be done about the now faded, yellowing plastic that houses these early home computers. But a group of spirited enthusiasts is now turning to Kickstarter, where Frenchman Philippe Lang is offering backers shiny replacement cases to restore the beloved machines to their former glory.Read More


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