Pentagon puts the call out to hackers to test its cyber defences

The US Department of Defense may boast the world's most powerful military, but its online databases are far from indomitable, as a recent spate of apparent cyberattacks seems to suggest. The Pentagon is now inviting hackers to have at its public webpages as part of an initiative to highlight cybersecurity vulnerabilities.Read More

Odroid C2 single board computer is faster than a Pi 3, doesn't include wireless

Earlier this week, the Rasbperry Pi Foundation added cooked in wireless capabilities to its popular single board computer with the launch of the Pi 3 Model B. But if you're the kind of tinkerer who would rather have more processing power, faster Ethernet and support for higher resolution graphics, perhaps the Odroid C2 from South Korea's Hardkernel might be just what you're looking for.Read More

Integrated wireless comes to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has reported that more than 8 million Pi computers have shipped since the original Model B went on sale exactly four years ago today. As a Bon Anniversaire, the Pi 3 Model B has been released, which features a processing brain that's 10 times faster than the original board and comes with cooked in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.Read More

MasterCard will soon let you make payments with a selfie

If paying for something with your smartphone still seems like a strange concept, then news that you'll soon be able to do so with a selfie is likely all the more confusing. Indeed, though, MasterCard is set to roll-out both facial recognition and fingerprint payment authorization.Read More

Securely connecting devices to Wi-Fi networks with a wave of a magic "Wanda"

A prototype "magic wand" has been developed that allows wireless devices to be securely configured and connected to a Wi-Fi network simply by pointing the wand at them. The device, dubbed "Wanda," was created with the goal of preventing hackers from gaining access to personal data from wireless and mobile health technologies, be they in the home or clinic.

Read More

Review: iClever IC-BK03 keyboard unfolds for touch typing

Ever been stuck in a doctor's waiting room longer than expected with a report to finish and the only option is to try to bang out a draught on your phone? One alternative to typing with your thumbs is to pack along a folding Bluetooth keyboard. The question is, which one? We recently got hold of an iClever IC-BK03 Trifold Bluetooth keyboard, went for a flu jab, and tried it out.Read More

"Social AI" lets Mario and Luigi learn how to save the princess on their own

Old-school gamers will fondly remember the effort it took them to master a new Super Mario level, but thanks to a new development in artificial intelligence the pixelated Italian plumber and his friends are now teaming up to do the job themselves. Researchers from the University of Tübingen in Germany have developed an algorithm that allows videogame characters to learn from each other in human-like ways through observation and imitation, letting agents collaborate to reach a common goal. Future applications could include intelligent social support systems and swarms of modular robots that learn to perform complex actions on little human instruction.Read More


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