Training dogs by computer and "smart harness"

While it's important that dogs know some basic obedience commands at the very least, training them can be a monotonous and frustrating experience. Well, perhaps before too long, we could have computers doing the job for us. They're already being used to teach dogs to sit, at North Carolina State University.Read More

Resolution and quality bump for RasPi camera

The 5 megapixel OmniVision camera sensor at the heart of the Raspberry Pi camera module released in 2013 was discontinued toward the end of the following year. Makers have been able to continue including camera boards in their projects though, thanks to some nifty stockpiling by retailers. But supplies are now running low, so the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an 8-megapixel successor.Read More

Thunderbolt SSDs satisfy the need for speed

Though high capacity storage is an important consideration for broadcast professionals recording content to feed the UHD televisions now taking pride of place in our living rooms, just as important is how fast media can be moved around on location. And with 8K just around the corner, lightning fast is now the name of the game. Combining Thunderbolt 3 and the latest PCIe SSD technologies results in face-melting data throughput speeds – meet the new solid state drives from Sonnet and Akitio.Read More

YouTube immerses viewers in 360-degree live video

Having introduced the ability for users to live stream video back in 2011 and support for 360-degree videos last year, YouTube has now brought the two together. 360-degree live video is aimed at putting viewers one step closer to actually being there in person.Read More

LaCie goes big and roomy with 96 TB hard drive

For most people, a few terabytes is more than enough to hold a lifetime's worth of photos, videos and music. Video professionals have slightly different demands, especially if they're working with footage filmed in 4K. LaCie's latest hard drive, the 12big Thunderbolt 3, is designed to make life easier for these power users by offering blazingly fast transfer speeds and up to 96 TB of storage.Read More

Meeting notes live streamed to remote workers from any whiteboard

For a good many years, the conference room whiteboard has been the focal point for sharing ideas, plans and strategies in team meetings. In today's connected business world, team members could be spread out all over the globe, though, making meetings in the flesh a little impractical. Digitized whiteboards like the Smart Kapp can capture all the scribbling action and send it to the smartphones of remote team members in real-time, but if your collaborative jotting pad takes up a whole boardroom wall then finding a smart whiteboard to take its place could prove expensive. The Kaptivo system can be installed above any dry-erase whiteboard up to 6 x 4 ft (1.8 x 1.2 m) in size, doesn't require note-makers to use special pens and captures and cleans up what's on the board before zipping it over to connected team members in real-time.Read More

Microsoft Captionbot will tell you what's in your photos

Scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed is proof positive that we love taking photos - of our food, our children, our drunken antics and, most of all, ourselves. No matter how good your happy snap, finding a way to caption it can be tricky. It's still early days, but one day you could hand off the responsibility to a Captionbot.Read More

Tech demo of Mozilla's Servo browser engine coming in June

Mozilla is progressing with development on its new browser engine called Servo that is built in the company's new Rust programming language and embraces parallelism to take advantage of modern multi-core processors. Developers will get their first chance to try out the engine in June with the release of a tech demo.Read More

Nvidia goes deep with new DGX-1 supercomputer

Computing giant Nvidia has announced the world's first "supercomputer in a box" – the DGX-1. With a cool 170 teraflops of performance, the machine is designed to tackle the complex worlds of deep learning and artificial intelligence, areas of research requiring massive amounts of computing power.Read More


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