WD Passport Wireless Pro goes faster for longer

For creative professionals working in the field, it can be difficult to maintain a neat workflow from camera to hard drive, not to mention all the other devices in between. WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to make it easier to back up and edit work when you're on the job, by wirelessly sharing images between Wi-Fi-compatible cameras, connected tablets and laptops, and the hard drive itself.Read More

Homegrown Chinese supercomputer claims world number one ranking

A supercomputer equipped with 10,649,600 computing cores and capable of carrying out some 93 quadrillion calculations per second has just been crowned the world's most powerful supercomputer. Dubbed Sunway TaihuLight, this computing behemoth from China outperforms its nearest rival – another Chinese supercomputer – by being twice as fast and three times as efficient.Read More

Ergonomic mouse tells you when to take a break

If you use a mouse on a daily basis, you'll know that gripping the little device for all those hours can easily cause discomfort. A crowdfunding project is looking to help, aiming to bring a new ergonomic mouse to market, combining an upright, neutral gripping position with visual signals telling the user to take regular small breaks.Read More

Department of Defense doles out $70k to white-hat hackers

In an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is a growing concern, and the US government has been taking steps to tighten its digital defenses. In March, the Department of Defense (DoD) invited hackers to "Hack the Pentagon" in a competition designed to identify vulnerabilities in its public-facing websites. The results of the bug bounty pilot have now been released.Read More

Not all or nothing with analog mechanical Wooting one keyboard

Without taking sides in the age-old gaming debate of console vs PC, controllers do have an advantage when it comes to analog input. On digital keyboards, a button is either pressed or it's not – a potential pitfall when you accidentally run full pelt into an enemy you were trying to sneak up on. To this end, a group of Dutch gamers have designed the Wooting one, an analog mechanical keyboard intended to provide more precise in-game control.Read More

Google researchers propose "big red button" for unruly AI

Artificially intelligent machines rising up to usurp their creators has long been a staple of science fiction, but rapid developments in AI have seen the potential for humans to be relegated to the evolutionary scrapheap become an immediate non-fiction fear for many. With this in mind, researchers at Google DeepMind have devised a "big red button" that would interrupt an AI that looks to be heading down a worrying path, while preventing it from learning to resist such an interruption.Read More

Performing mouse clicks with a little tap dance

Full-blown standing desks, desktop converters or something inbetween are all aimed at getting you off your butt for the benefit of your health. Researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo have designed a system to help make the most of this upright approach to working by using lower limb activity for computer interaction.Read More

HyperDev straightens the learning curve for new web developers

Modern web development tools allow rapid development of applications, but getting them set up on your computer can be incredibly difficult – particularly for beginners who just want to tinker with some JavaScript. The makers of Stack Overflow and Trello are well aware of this, so they've developed a new tool called HyperDev that's designed to handle tedious tasks like hosting and deployment and allow developers to focus solely on bringing their projects to life. Read More


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