Engineers create a computer with a water droplet processor

From driving water wheels to turning turbines, water has been used as the prime mover of machinery and the powerhouse of industry for many centuries. In ancient times, the forces of flowing water were even harnessed to power the first rudimentary clocks. Now, engineers at Stanford University have created the world’s first water-operated computer. Using magnetized particles flowing through a micro-miniature network of channels, the machine runs like clockwork and is claimed to be capable of performing complex logical operations.Read More

Intel announces Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C connector, double the bandwidth

Intel has unveiled its third generation Thunderbolt interface, shedding its loyal Mini DisplayPort connector in favor of the nascent USB-C format. Further to offering greater degrees of versatility when hooking up peripherals, Thunderbolt 3 beefs up bandwidth from 20 Gbps of the second generation to 40 Gbps and can pipe power to your devices at the same time.Read More

SanDisk goes big on capacity and small on form factor

SanDisk, whose flash memory offerings are usually in the form of memory cards and SSDs for laptops, desktops and enterprise applications, has now expanded into the portable SSD market. Its new Extreme 900 and Extreme 500 lines of portable SSDs were revealed alongside its highest capacity USB flash drive and the world's smallest 128 GB thumb drive at Computex in Taiwan.Read More

PaPiRus E Ink display for Raspberry Pi

British company Pi Supply has created a low-power, low-cost e-ink display module for the Raspberry Pi do-it-yourself single-board computer. PaPiRus, as it's called, comes in three interchangeable screen sizes (1.44, 2.0, or 2.7 in), and like all e-paper devices it's readable in sunlight and it remains on (which is to say it can display a static image) for a very long time without power. Its creators note that it is particularly well suited to data-logging applications and outdoor displays.Read More


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