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Alphabetically ordered alternative to the QWERTY keyboard

August 27, 2007 The New Standard Keyboard is the latest in a long line of attempts to break the illogical stranglehold that QWERTY has on the keyboard design. The alphabetically ordered, 53 key, US$69.95 model aims to bring simplicity and efficiency to what is still the primary method of computer input.  Read More

Centurion DiskHub

August 23, 2007 Digistore Solutions is set to release a new carousel-like optical data storage hub called the Centurion DiskHub. Capable of holding up to 100 disks and including a built in dual layer DVD/CD rewritable drive (DVD-RW) for read/write functionality, the Centurion DiscHub offers a complete backup, archiving, storage and indexing solution.  Read More

Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S6410

August 23, 2007 Wouldn’t it be nice to have a notebook that can last all day without having to rely on the AC adapter and finding a point to charge it? That's the vision behind Fujitsu Siemens energy-saving Lifebook S6410. Aimed at business professionals, the notebook has the option of a second battery and a special EcoButton that can reduce the processor’s clock rate, display brightness and power down other components that use lots of energy to deliver up to 10 hours run time without recharging.  Read More

BlogWorld & New Media Expo: the world’s largest gathering of Bloggers

August 22, 2007 Thousands of bloggers, vloggers and podcasters are set to descend on Las Vegas for BlogWorld & New Media Expo, the world’s first industry-wide blogging tradeshow. The inaugural event is to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Thursday – Friday, November 8 – 9, 2007, with pre-show seminars on Wednesday 7th November.  Read More

Flash Padlock

August 17, 2007 With Flash drives becoming a necessity these days, the need to protect sensitive data from theft or simple misplacement is increasingly critical. The new USB 2.0 Flash Padlock from Corsair offers a physical security solution while on the go and addresses the need for secure data storage through hardware technology rather than software.  Read More

Pinnacle USB High Definition TV tuner stick

August 16, 2007 Given the size and quality of desktop and laptop displays these days, it’s no wonder more and more people are using them as another television for the home and office. Pinnacle has released a USB High Definition TV tuner stick complete with Personal Video Recorder (PVR) capability and the ability to grab a HDTV feed out of the air using the tiny antenna included in the package.  Read More

2TB LaCie

August 16, 2007 LaCie has boosted the capacity of its Ethernet Big Disk to a massive 2TB in a compact 2x7x11” solution. The 2TB LaCie is designed for centrally storing and sharing files over a network via Ethernet or as a personal hard drive off the network using USB. When connected to a home network, the Big Disk can stream multimedia content to compatible AV adapters and enables simultaneous music and movie playback on a networked theater system.  Read More

Newertech's miniStack NAS network storage solution

August 15, 2007 Latest offering from Newertech, the miniStack NAS, is a shared local drive for wired or wireless networked storage that offers up to 750GB between as many as 20 users. Based on the award-winning miniStack v3, the minStack NAS features drag and drop sharing, the ability to stream multimedia and HD files and an easy set-up that eliminates complicated network TCP/IP configurations.  Read More

World's first exclusively solar powered computer mouse

August 9, 2007 Anyone who has used a wireless mouse will know that although they don't use much power, it's enough to drain a battery quite regularly and it always decides to run out of power at the most inopportune times. Now comes news of the world's first exclusively photovoltaic-powered computer mouse currently undergoing trials in the Netherlands.  Read More

Targus Cable Lock

August 8, 2007 The loss of a keyboard, mouse or any other cable-attached PC device due to theft could be a considerable inconvenience. Not only is there the cost of replacing the item, but when on the road they may not always be easy to replace. That’s where the Targus Cable Lock keyboard and mouse attachment comes in – the small (9 x 4.5 x 3cm) unobtrusive security device is designed to protect cable-attached items and ensure that your PC is stays fully functional.  Read More

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