Sliden'Joy gives your laptop two additional portable screens

We've seen a number of attempts to give mobile workers extra screen real estate over the years, from laptops with double displays to tablet-like external panels. But such examples can add significant bulk and weight to a laptop bag. A Belgian startup is seeking funding through Kickstarter for Sliden'Joy, a device that can add one or two 13, 15 or 17-in full HD, thin and lightweight screens to your laptop even when you're on the go.Read More


Review: Taking a dip in Touchjet's Pond

About this time last year, a pint-sized mashup of projector and Android computer hit crowdfunding portal Indiegogo. The TouchPico allowed users to activate icons thrown on the wall or whiteboard using a stylus-like pointing device, effectively turning any flat surface into a giant touchscreen display. We got a chance to see the pre-release prototype in action at IFA 2014, engaging the company's Slava Solonitsyn in a quick fruity game on a nearby wall. The newly-named Touchjet Pond started shipping last month, and one of the first units off the production line made its way to Gizmag for review.Read More

HP Sprout gets integrated desktop 3D scanning capabilities

HP has announced a free software update for its all-in-one dual-workspace Sprout computer that adds 3D capture capabilities. Sprout could already scan objects placed on its horizontal workspace when it was first released last year, but it was limited to generating two-dimensional images. Now it can generate full 3D models of any objects positioned beneath its cameras.Read More

Sonder e-ink keyboard reconfigures itself as needed

It can get confusing, trying to remember which keys are used for which shortcuts in which programs. That's why Australian startup Sonder Design developed the Sonder keyboard. Utilizing e-ink technology, all of its letter, number and function keys can change appearance and function, depending on the application being used.Read More

HGST's helium-filled HDD offers a world-first 10 TB of storage

We first caught wind of HGST's high capacity hard drives in 2012, when the company claimed it could boost storage capacities by 40 percent by replacing regular old air inside the drive enclosure with helium. The Western Digital subsidiary stayed the course, producing a helium-based 6 TB HDD in 2013 and 8 TB model in 2014, and has now continued the upward trend with the world's first 10 TB hard drive.Read More


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