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Fujistu’s unveiled its FLEPia e-reader at CEATEC this year

December 3, 2007 Computer screens aren’t really conducive to reading pages and pages of text so with the proliferation of online content has come new ways to view words electronically. E-paper is a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper - even its flexibility - and according to new research, reading the news on e-paper is more environmentally friendly than viewing via PC. Interestingly, the study by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm also showed that 30 minutes of reading an Internet newspaper has about the same environmental effect as reading a hard copy version.  Read More

CDSoft-R Cryptex

November 30, 2007 Soft-R Research LLC has released an “all-in-one” self-recordable CD with the added bonus of a in-built encryption technology. The CDSoft-R Cryptex "digital safe box" integrates a simple recording wizard with the ability to automatically encrypt and secure your data, removing any trace of your files on the computer used by destroying all Temp files when the CD is removed.  Read More

LaCie USB and FireWire Hub

November 26, 2007 There are plenty of products out there that solve the problem of not having enough direct USB or FireWire ports on your computer, but few do it as effectively and with as much style as this Hub from LaCie.  Read More

New industrial strength touch screen from Tangent

November 23, 2007 Tangent Inc. has announced the release of a group of ultra slim, industrial strength touch screen PCs called the VITA K Series. The all-in-one PCs feature dust-free, water-proof front bezels, VESA wall-mount brackets, and 15, 17 or 19 inch LCD displays with NEMA 3/IP55 dust and water proofing. The metal enclosures not only look smart, they are also energy efficient and industrial strength for use in healthcare, industrial automation, digital signage, information kiosk and self-service check-outs roles, and other applications exposed to hostile environments.  Read More

Dell XPS One

November 21, 2007 Dell has placed an emphasis on aesthetics for their latest all-in-one desktop system – but the sleek XPS One is more than just a pretty screen. The computer includes a webcam with dual-array microphone, a 20 inch, widescreen, edge-to-edge tempered glass monitor that displays HD media, side mounted speakers, built in Wi-Fi, internal Bluetooth 2.0 peripherals, and a built in TV tuner and optional Blu-ray disc drive for U.S. models. Preinstalled copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Premiere Elements 4 and Adobe Soundbooth CS3 for U.S. models cap off the multimedia friendly system.  Read More

Burn DVD movies directly

November 21, 2007 Korean Electronics giant Samsung has introduced a new optical disc drive - the TruDirect SE-S204S - which allows users to “directly” create DVDs and burn digital content through a PC without the need for a hard drive, providing easy and fast real-time recording from nearly any digital device.  Read More

November 19, 2007 D-Wave Systems put its 28 qubits quantum computer on display in an online demonstration at last week's Supercomputing 2007 conference. Showcasing an image matching application developed with a third party collaborator, the machine has been built to improve the performance of existing applications, open up opportunities for new applications and expand the market for high-performance computers.  Read More


November 19, 2007 In more news to emerge from Supercomputing 2007, the Pentum Group Inc. (PGI), has announced the Swift40e, the world’s fastest single-stream wide area network (WAN) interface card. Capable of downloading an entire HD DVD or Blu-ray DVD in just 10 seconds, the new Swift40e interface is designed to stream content across a WAN at a blistering rate of 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps).  Read More

NEC Powermate P5010

November 15, 2007 The miniaturization of PC components has paved the way for all-in-one designs such as Apple’s iMac which do away with the traditional bulky PC beige box and make way for space-saving, minimalist units. Embracing and expanding on this trend is NEC’s Powermate P5010, an all-in-one hybrid PC designed to combine the advantages of both laptops and desktops. Featuring an AMD Turion 64 X2 dual core processor, 2GB DDR2 Memory, 200GB SATA HDD and a slot-loading DVD Super Multi drive, the P5010's slim white chassis makes optimum use of space by incorporating a wireless keyboard and mouse, a clever gadget-pocket and a one-cable set-up that keeps the desktop footprint small, whilst its light-weight and the inclusion of an in-built carry bar enables easy portability.  Read More

SanDisk Vaulter Disk

November 14, 2007 In what could be seen as a stepping stone on the road to the replacement of traditional platter based hard drives with flash based drives, SanDisk has unveiled a solid-state storage solution that works in conjunction with a PC's hard drive to store and launch the computer's operating system and software applications. Presently the cost and size limitations of flash storage prohibit the complete replacement of traditional hard drives in PCs, but the new SanDisk Vaulter Disk offers the performance advantages of flash memory by tag-teaming with a PC’s existing hard drive. Both Vaulter and the hard drive are integrated into the PC and operate simultaneously, while maintaining a low cost per gigabyte.  Read More

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