Compact4All kitchen appliance is everything you need for breakfast


October 5, 2012

The Compact4All modular kitchen appliance

The Compact4All modular kitchen appliance

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Compact4All is a space-saving kitchen appliance for breakfast lovers. Designed by Jan des Bouvrie for the Dutch domestic appliance firm Princess, the appliance features four white cubes containing a kettle, toaster, coffee maker and juicer. Each cube measures 20 x 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 x 8 inches), and they can be stacked neatly together to form one single cube or alternatively positioned side by side.

The unit is perfect for singles or couples who have a limited kitchen space and would like to enjoy all the elements of a daily breakfast ritual. The cordless kettle can hold 0.5 liters (one pint) of water and features a filter spout, steam cut-off and boil-dry protection. The coffee maker makes two cups and comes with a removable water tank and removable permanent filter. The toaster is suitable for making two slices of toast, while the electric juicer comes with two different heads and features an automatic starting mechanism.

Each unit can be utilized individually with its own power supply, or when combined all together the system can be plugged in with one central outlet.

The Compact4All series is currently only available in white, and each unit is sold separately. The compact appliances are available in stores from October, with prices starting at €39 (US$50.70) per unit.

Source: Princess via Homebuildlife

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Take out that juicer and put in a bacon press, and you've got a deal!


So your going to have juice, coffee toast and hot water for breakfast? That will not get me going. I hear this unit is all you get at the dorms of Foxcon where they build Apple products.

The Hoff

I also would dump the juicer and add a small hotplate to, say, fry an egg or bacon! You would think that 4 separate appliances and one power board could be purchased for a lot less. Besides, I wonder if it all "powers up" when plugged in, or do they have separate switches, so they are not using power if not needed? It would be silly to un-cube it and carry one across the kitchen to another outlet.

The Skud
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