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Coming soon to the iPhone: streaming content from your iTunes library at home


August 7, 2008

The patent

The patent

August 8, 2008 One of Apple's recent patents promises to make the size constraints of the iPhone and iPod Touch seem like a thing of the past - the ability to stream all the content in the iTunes library on your home PC from anywhere with internet access.

By storing only the metadata of a song or video file, less than 1% of the storage space is required. So instead of a painfully long sync process, your iPhone will be loaded with "virtual media items" corresponding to every piece of media in your iTunes library at home, which can then be remotely accessed as required.

The 32-page filing also outlines a Zune-like ability to share media between multiple iPhones - leading us to believe that this unannounced version of iTunes is likely to be the most awaited update yet.

Source: AppleInsider

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