Coby announces five new Android 4.0 tablets to debut at CES 2012


December 13, 2011

Coby Electronics has revealed that five new Android 4.0 tablets will launch at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this coming January

Coby Electronics has revealed that five new Android 4.0 tablets will launch at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this coming January

The scramble to take the new flavor of Google's Android operating system for a test drive has been pretty intense since the source code was released in the middle of last month. The first commercial hardware products running on Ice Cream Sandwich, though, will not hit the shelves until early in the new year. One of the first to break cover was Acer's Iconia A200 tablet, which is now going to have some company. New York's Coby Electronics will be launching five new Android 4.0 tablets at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this coming January.

Unfortunately, Coby has revealed very little about its new batch of capacitive multi-touch tablets but here's what we can tell you. The five tablets will be available in 7-, 8-, 9-, 9.7-, and 10-inch form factors and will all be powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 1GHz, supported by 1GB of system memory. It's unclear how much onboard storage will be included (existing Coby tablets have settled on 4 GB) but there will be microSD expansion available.

Also up for speculation at this point is whether the new tablets will be additions to the range or replacements for older models, which currently run on Android 2.2 or 2.3. There will be built-in Wi-Fi and an HDMI out port supporting 1080p output but beyond those few details, Coby is remaining tight-lipped.

The company has hinted that the new Android 4.0 tablets will be easy on the wallet but hasn't revealed exactly how budget-friendly they'll be when they are made available during Q1 2012. We'll keep you posted.

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Too bad a true pocket size 5 inch isn\'t one of their new tablets.

Joseph Shimandle

I tried out the Coby Kyros 8125 tablet recently. I returned it, and got another one, but still couldn\'t get the wifi to work.

Don\'t waste your time with a bad brand. I recommend a Vizio tablet instead. Costs about $80 more, but the quality is phenomenal, and it comes with Android Market (and everything else) working out of the box.

Jon A.

As they say, the cheap man pays twice.

Just get an iPad and get on with life.


I think it is a nice variety of tablets.

Not every wants or needs an iPAD.


You forgot the greatest new tablet of them all! Warning! Comic video follows:

Steven Mussey

Nice selection. Sadly the \'Coby\' brand in my opinion lacks quaility. Nice designs but poorly made. It\'s almost a brand of electronics that you would buy for a kid (cheap, works for awhile, disposible) as they\'ll break it or it will die around the same time. I wouldn\'t waste my money or time on \'Coby\'!!


ipads everyone says....I am sick of buying price fixed hardware and apts.

Kerry Indiana

Kerry Teverbaugh
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