Citroen to launch new DS range in China with the Numéro 9 concept


April 15, 2012

The Citroen Numéro 9 concept

The Citroen Numéro 9 concept

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Legendary French automaker Citroen began resurrecting its venerable DS series a few years ago - the original line debuted in the 1950s, had a two-decade-long run, and was once voted "the most beautiful car of all time" - and is now introducing three more new takes on the DS into China, one of the largest and fastest-growing markets ever. The second coming of the DS began in 2009 with the DS3 and has since been followed by the DS4 and DS5. Now, three more models in the line will be launched later this year, and Citroen will be marking the event by unveiling its Numéro 9 concept at the Beijing Motor Show later this month.

"The concept signals the styling cues of the next three DS line models: a C-segment premium sedan, an SUV and a D-segment executive saloon," Citroen said in a statement.

The new DS vehicles have almost nothing in common with their classic cousins except for the badge and two consonants, but Citroen is hoping that legacy continues to count for something. So far it's helped account for 200,000 sales of the DS3, DS4 and DS5 worldwide.

Externally, the Numéro 9 concept goes out of its way to communicate a sense of luxury, slickness and speed. It clearly is the same vehicle we recently discovered in some obscured photos on the company's Facebook page. Citroen likes to describe the car's look as "a new take on the prestigious shooting brake design."

The concept for the future of the DS line is also based on a plug-in hybrid system that claims 166 mpg (267 km/g) fuel economy, 31 miles (50 km) range in full-electric mode and 295 hp. It rides low to the ground on 21-inch (53 cm) wheels and promises a roomy interior in the front and back with three small windows in the roof for "friendly cabin ambience."

As in many luxury hybrids, the electric motor can also be utilized to provide a boost of power. Citroen says Numéro 9 takes just 5.4 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph and 25.3 seconds to travel 1,000 m from a standing start.

For more on the storied lineage of DS line, be sure to check out Mike Hanlon's recent post that traces its path through the decades.

Citroen also offers a peek of the Numéro 9 concept in action in this video trailer:

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I love the DS styling and this DS9 is stunning - however - it has an extremely low profile.

This car is aimed at the rich and elegant (ageing and not as supple as they once were) - if they could get in they probably could not get out and certainly not with elegance!

A beautiful car.


If it doesn't have the magic carpet smooth ride, then I am not interested.

Samer Helmy

I'm not a hybrid fan but that's a SWEET looking ride! :-)


Going for the cash grab with the gullible and the soft headed - "the car is prestiege - I will gbe thought well of if I am seen driving it" the latest bands of brain washed people bleat - as China chokes in the most polluted air and grid locked cities in the world.

There is a video about how the people in China have been brainwashed with the most outrageous consumerist propaganda....

Here is a study guide on the video.

Mr Stiffy

Pretty, yes, but alas, it's French. Pass.

Clay Jones

Nothing looks or drives like a Citroen. The SM is my all-time favorite dream car. Drove one up and down the hills of Pittsburgh. Whoa...why aren't all cars built with such a braking system and fabulous steering system? "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

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