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CineSquid takes your camera and sticks it


February 22, 2012

The CineSquid is a tripod system with suction cup feet, allowing small video cameras to be securely mounted on a variety of smooth surfaces

The CineSquid is a tripod system with suction cup feet, allowing small video cameras to be securely mounted on a variety of smooth surfaces

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For the past several months, film-makers using DSLRs or small camcorders have had an interesting option available for getting smooth tracking shots - CineSkates. The product combines a GorillaPod Focus tripod, a BallHead X tripod head and three soft urethane wheels. Those wheels mount on the feet of the tripod, allowing it to make fluid, dolly-like movements. Cinetics, the company that makes Cineskates, has now announced a new member to its family. It's called the CineSquid, and it includes the same tripod and head, but with suction cup feet that allow it to adhere to almost any smooth surface.

It should be noted that the suction cups are of the heavy duty variety, incorporating a lever that pumps air out of them upon application - in other words, they're not those cheap things that you lick and then stick on a window. According to the company, they can be used to fasten the rest of the apparatus, along with a camera, onto the belly of an airplane flying at 200 mph (322 km/h).

Cinetics suggests that the device could also be attached to the exterior of moving cars, boats or trains, or used to obtain a very solid footing when doing time-lapse videography. Other suction cup mount systems do already exist, although most of those don't offer multiple points of attachment, nor do they incorporate the mounting possibilities offered by the bendy-legged GorillaPod.

The system is available via the company website as of today, for US$235. CineSkates owners, who already have the tripod and head, can purchase the suction cups on their own for $120. Shipping should begin next month.

Examples of footage shot using the CineSquid can be seen in the video below.

Source: Cinetics

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the squid approves

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