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Madrid to get radical new solar-coated landmark


February 12, 2009

CICCM by Mansilla + Tunon Architects and Matilde Peralta

CICCM by Mansilla + Tunon Architects and Matilde Peralta

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February 13, 2008 Spain has a well-earned reputation for extraordinary architecture that, like many buildings around the world which defy convention, divide opinions and cause passions to run high. The next dazzling addition to Madrid's skyline will be the Centro Internacional de Convenciones de la Ciudad de Madrid (CICCM), and it offers much more than simply a conversation piece. Shaped like a giant glass wheel, the Convention Center will be completely covered in photovoltaic panels but will still provide adequate sunlight to reduce the need for artificial light through the use of concave design elements that scatter light into the interior. The 110 meter tall structure will include a rainwater catchment system and house a 5,000 person auditorium and exposition centers in its 100,000 square meter layout.

Outside there will be an extensive 80,000 square meters of parks to compliment the green design elements.

Designed by Mansilla + Tunon Architects and Matilde Peralta, ground was broken on the CICCM last November.

We think it's just what the 21st century ordered. What do you think? Let us know by adding a comment below.

Via: Inhabitat, Mansilla + Tunon.

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