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Chrysler's 700C concept may be a glimpse of the next generation minivan


January 11, 2012

The lines of the Chrysler 700C are highly distinctive

The lines of the Chrysler 700C are highly distinctive

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Chrysler showed an interesting concept without much fanfare at Detroit's NAIAS this week. The 700C is being evaluated by Chrysler as the design direction for the next generation minivan. It's a bold effort to give some style to the boxy people mover market and public opinion will now decide if the angled B-pillar and huge wheels will see production.

Our understanding is that the 700C was a last minute addition to the show, and was produced entirely without supporting literature or showcards so that people could make their own mind up on the design and its benefits.

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The Aztek already proved that fugly does not sell. This does not need to be revisited.

William Lanteigne

What people will buy is a larger van like the old VW hippie style but with a diesel or hybrid more powerful engine and camper style setup-how about a roof that pops straight up not on an angle- for an extra bed? Millions of people will buy one if not made too expensive! Solar panel on the roof to keep it cool and charge batteries, regenerative braking and shocks, hydrostatic drive-all would be better than what\'s offered today.


Looks like it will have a huge blind spot with that enormous pillar in the middle.


Well, the B-pillar is way weird, but the 700 may appeal to those for whom utility is a lesser concern than style. I kind of think we should celebrate the box. I hope Kia puts a toned-down KV7 on the market.

Bruce H. Anderson

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. To me and, I hope, thousands of others, the 700C is fantastic. If the quality of the product matches the quality of the design, I\'m a buyer!


Fugly like an Aztek for sure.

Concept without show info. and you wonder why ?!?

The 300C or Magnum wagon concept is better bet.

Surely, Chrysler can bring a better looking concept of a mini-van than the 700C, IMHO.


i think itsa beauty! My kids are grown, but i might just get one, if the price is good


I\'m not a big fan. Minivans are about function over form. I would rather see innovations on the interior to make it more comfortable and personable to the occupiers. As well as fuel efficiency. Do both of those while keeping the price down and I will be impressed.

Will Larson

looks like an inflated mazda 3


I have to agree with Develocon. Looks like a PT cruiser and a Mazda 3 had a kid bigger than both of them.


Not much different overall than many of the SUV crossovers now on the market.


I just have one question. Why is there such a disconnect between futuristic movie cars (Will Smith\'s Audi in iRobot for example) which are fabulous and elegant, and the bulbous monstrosities they insist on subjecting people to at car shows??


How Much $$$? I like the 700C concept doesn\'t look like a mini van (more crossover) I Hate the concept of \"Concept Cars\" because they\'re never what the actual car looks like ie GM\'s \"Volt\" I like the street Volt but Loved the Volt concept I hope Chrysler doesn\'t listen to the Aztek haters which I hated too The 700C is different it has great lines.


A family member was recently run over in a parking lot so I am especially attuned to the consequences of blind spots. A designer's wild imagination can have fatal consequences and this concept is nothing less than a death machine. Shame on Chrysler.

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