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ChillChaser adds a little entertainment to outdoor heating


November 16, 2009

Poseidon features inbuilt media player and speakers

Poseidon features inbuilt media player and speakers

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As winter approaches, it’s hard to reconcile with the fact that it won’t be long before it’s too cool for outdoor entertaining. A range of outdoor heaters from UK company ChillChaser, might have you enjoying the great outdoors for many more months. There are three eco-friendly models to choose from – Neptune, Zeus and the latest model, Poseidon, features an inbuilt media player and speakers.

The weather-proof heaters generate warmth from patented carbon fiber heating tubes which, according to the company, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% when compared to gas-powered heaters. There are no gas bottles to lug around and no potentially harmful gas fumes either. The heaters are designed to focus the heat on people rather than the air around them, they require a 220V to 240V electricity supply and the elements should last at least 5,000 hours.


The Poseidon heater with weatherproof media player is suitable for indoor and outdoors, including garages and patios. It is coated with an outdoor paint and stands six and a half feet tall. There are two heat settings, 1350W and 2700W and it will heat an area of up to four meters (about 13 feet) at a 110 degree angle. It also features a 40W low energy light which can be adjusted through four positions. There is a safety tip-over and automatic reset thermal cut-off devices and depending on people’s proximity the unit will switch itself on or off. The unit can be easily moved as it has a large base with roller and a grab handle and the magnetic remote control attaches to the side and elements are designed to last about 8,000 hours.

Audio and video playback on the LCD screen is via a USB port connection for memory sticksor a 3.5 input socket for media players.


The Neptune heater offers 2300W of heating power and features a 360 degree light dome housing a 25W CFL low energy lamp. Like the Poseidon, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used for commercial or domestic purposes. It also features safety cut-out functions and an automatic on/off switch. The all metal design and powder coat finish help keep it weatherproof, and an optional zipped cover is available for extra protection.


The last of the range is the Zeus heater. It is designed for heavy duty use and delivers 2700W of heating power. At six and a half feet tall it is ideal for commercial or domestic use and uses a standard 220-240V electric supply. It has a powerful 40W CFL low energy light which can be used in four positions. Like the other two it features auto cut-out and automatic on/off functions.

The Poseidon will be available from November and will retail for US$1,416 with the Neptune available for US$498 and the Zeus US$749.

ChilliChaser via Appliancist.


I can't believe anyone would buy a heater to heat the outdoors!Put on a sweater!!

Phils stuff
16th November, 2009 @ 05:55 pm PST

"California Heaters" are all over the place... outdoor patios, outdoor cafes. It's just "spot" heating... you're not trying to heat the outdoors, just a few people sitting around enjoying the fresh air, the stars, people-watching etc.

The little media player is an "interesting" feature... but seems like something that is an afterthought. If I want to watch media off a USB thumbstick... I'll do it indoors.

Now if it had wireless TV, to have on a football game in the background while my buddies smoke cigars outdoors during the chill weather.... well, that would be a great thing. But if I can afford this, I probably have a 42" plasma hanging on my outdoor patio wall showing the game...



17th November, 2009 @ 03:30 pm PST
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