Starling counts the number of words a child is exposed to

The more words a toddler is exposed to, the better are the chances he or she will have have social, emotional and intellectual success (in other words, a higher IQ). This process should start before the child can even talk back, according to research carried out over the last 30 years by human intelligence experts. These findings have inspired a Palo-Alto (CA) company called Versame to develop a new gadget to help parents maximize their little one's lexical exposure.Read More

Boogie Board Play n’ Trace eWriter makes space for tracing with a translucent screen

Since 2010, the Boogie Board eWriter range has provided youthful imaginations with modern-day notepads for their digital doodles and sketches. Improvements since have seen the addition of onboard storage and stylish new designs, but the latest addition to the lineup may be its biggest leap yet. The Boogie Board Play n' Trace features a translucent LCD screen, meaning that further to regular drawings, kids (or expressive adults) can trace the two and three dimensional objects they see around them. Read More

2015 best kids' tablets buying guide

It will come as no surprise to parents that kids enjoy using tablets to watch their favorite shows and play games, but is it best to let them use yours or get them one of their own?Gizmag looks at some of the things to consider if you're looking for a kids’ tablet, along with our pick of the best child-safe and child-focused tablets on the market in 2015.Read More

Takara Tomy's maglev Linear Liner – the fastest toy train in the East (and West)

Japanese toy company Takara Tomy is offering a working scale replica of the record-breaking 603 km/h (375 mph) SC Maglev (Superconducting Magnetic levitation) Train. However, all is not what it seems, as it is more than just a 1/90th scale facsimile of the real thing. The Linear Liner uses an original magnetic propulsion system, and has an intriguing creation story behind it.

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Review: Smartphone-controlled racing with Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

Remote controlled cars make for some great small-scale demolition derbies, but unless there's a second person to play with, the game gets dull real fast. At this year's London Toy Fair, WowWee unveiled its Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (REV), robotic race cars that allow players to battle against one another or against an AI opponent. We recently charged up a pair, launched the control app, and let the mayhem begin.Read More

Infento offers transformable transportation for kids as they grow

Looking to both solve the problem of children quickly outgrowing their rides and give parent and child a fun project to create together, two Dutch inventors dreamed up Infento. The name, inspired by the Latin for "infinite makes," is a collection of creative ride-ons for ages 0-13. With just a hex key and a couple of hours, an adult and child can make a sledge, a recumbent bike, a trike with a cargo box, and more.Read More

Kurio Smart tablet is like a Microsoft Surface for kids

Kurio has revealed its latest kid-centric tablet with the Kurio Smart. However, it looks like having their own tablet is no longer a free pass for kids to binge watch their favorite cartoons and play Minecraft for days at a time. That's because the Kurio Smart is also being billed as a homework-friendly 2-in-1 thanks to running Windows, coming with a year's personal subscription to Microsoft Office 365, and featuring a detachable keyboard.Read More

Camatte Vision: Seeing the augmented reality of Toyota Design

Within the 2015 Tokyo Toy Show, at the end of June, Toyota displayed the fourth episode in its Camatte series of exploratory concept vehicles. This year’s story was called Hajime (begin) and was a miniature copy of the car design process. It enabled children (and adults) to create their own vehicle concepts on a dedicated tablet and then drive their designs and themselves around a model town, all in augmented reality. Gizmag went along to experience the Camatte Vision for real.

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