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ChatterBowl talks to your dog


December 11, 2008

Contech ChatterBowl

Contech ChatterBowl

The ChatterBowl from Contech is a novel way to keep in touch your dog or cat while you’re out of the house. The bowl allows you to record a personal message for your pet and plays it back to them whenever they approach the bowl.

The ChatterBowl lets you record a message of up to 10 seconds and you can change the it as often as you like to provide comfort and reassurance to your pampered pet while you’re at work.

The design incorporates a removable electronic "Talkbox" for recording messages and a photoelectric cell which detects changes in light when your pet approachers triggering playback.

Retailing for USD$24.99, the ChatterBowl comes in white and is available from the Contech website. The company also makes food and water bowls designed to help greedy pets eat and drink slower.

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