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ChargerLeash reminds you to grab your charger


June 25, 2014

Countless numbers of phone chargers get left behind in hotels every day (Photo: Gizmag)

Countless numbers of phone chargers get left behind in hotels every day (Photo: Gizmag)

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Phone chargers have come to rival umbrellas as one of the most forgotten items when traveling. The ChargerLeash is a simple device that promises to help travelers remember to pack their phone charger before heading out the door.

You’re late for your plane; you throw all of your clothes into your suitcase, grab the hotel keys and dash off to a waiting taxi. And then, halfway to the airport, your heart sinks as you realize that you’ve left your phone charger behind. Sound familiar? That's just the scenario that the ChargerLeash aims to prevent.

Designed to replace your existing charger cable, the ChargerLeash sounds an alarm five seconds after you remove your mobile device from the cable. To turn off the alarm, you need to remove the cable from the charger or the USB port, the idea being that once it's in your hand, you'll remember to take it with you.

The ChargerLeash comes in a variety of cable configurations to fit various mobile devices, with prices ranging from US$19.95 to $29.95, depending on the model.

The short video below demonstrates the ChargerLeash in action.

Product page: ChargerLeash

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Tie a string to the inside of your overnight bag and to your charger.


It's just as easy and inexpensive for most mobile users to simply keep an extra charger in the laptop bag.


I think it's a good idea... I don't agree that it's easier to buy and remember to pack two chargers. Nor is it inexpensive to buy a new back-up unit each time one is left at the hotel or in the rent car. I don't think it's clever to think of negative posts for new ideas.


What a moronic solution. You can forget to bring the charger leash just as easily as you can forget to bring your regular charger. WOW it has a little beeper on it. Whoopie !!! A second charger in your carry bag is small and cheap. A USB - 110 adabter and a USB to phone cable. Cost - I buy them at flee markets for total of $4.oo.

Extra phone batteries and charger - internet. 2 batteries and charger $15.oo.


Interesting idea. Only problem if the beeper stops working you can still forget about it or ignore the beeping and forget it anyways. I don't agree with the other commenters about buying a second charger I spent almost 20 dollars on extra charger for my phone. Having to buy a spare charger everytime you lose one would add up very quickly


Might not be a bad idea. I travel with a separate charger and keep a USB cable because I have went through the above scenario more than once. However , if you really get in a jam go to the front desk and ask them if they have any unclaimed chargers. Chances are they will have one that fits your phone and they will let you have it. That has worked for a colleague once in the past (he actually picked up a spare charger for me that way as well)

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