CF and SD card readers put your pix on your iPad


October 28, 2011

Photographers can now view their photos on the screen of their iPad, using CF or SD card readers designed specifically for the tablet

Photographers can now view their photos on the screen of their iPad, using CF or SD card readers designed specifically for the tablet

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Although the LCD screens on most cameras are sufficient for reviewing your shots, wouldn't it be even better to be able to check them out on the larger screen of an iPad? You can already do so, but it involves running a USB cable from the camera to the computer (via an adapter), then transferring the photos across. It would be a lot quicker and simpler if you could just slip the camera's memory card into the tablet, but unfortunately iPads don't have built-in card readers. You can, however, buy the next-best thing: a plug-in CF or SD card reader, designed specifically for the iPad.

The two units work with both iPads 1 and 2, and simply plug into the tablets' connector port. The Photos app will then open, and you will be able to see your shots. Both readers also feature a USB port, so you can use them to view photos from flash drives or cameras with internal memory.

They are now available from Photojojo, with the CF Card Reader priced at US$30, the SD Card Reader at $15, or both for $40.

... and for the record, these are not the only card readers made for the iPad. There are other brands out there, including one sold by Apple itself.

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The i-Pad doesn\'t have one built-in?

Joseph Shimandle

The iPad and the iPhoto application appeals to me; despite Apple\'s ball and chain attitude and the horrible iTunes system.

Recently I went to a big Apple store because I want to review shooting in the field (mostly on Compact Flash cards), they showed me the USB-SD card adaptor, but told me that no CF card adaptor existed. So I welcome this device.


It is pretty of the most popular electronic devices on this planet, loved and adored by nearly every magazine, tv show and person on the high-street, yet it doesn\'t even have the simplest of devices for transferring data. Well done Apple


This article is a waste of time!

Who cares if there's another card reader for the iPad - as you have stated at the very end of the article, Apple already has one of these as a standard accessory..

There's another card reader for the iPad. Woooop-di doo!


Will you be able to download the pictures to the camera roll or somewhere else using this device?


The need for special adapters was one reason I opted for a $400 Lenovo netbook instead for personal use. For business people who are increasingly using the iPad to show images to clients these Apple only ard readers are a necessary evil.

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