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CD player design straight out of Johnny Mnemonic


June 24, 2008

The proposed CD/MP3 player design

The proposed CD/MP3 player design

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While the Compact Disc may be on its last legs, usurped by Flash based personal media players, DVDs and now Blu-Ray Discs, that hasn't stopped South Korean designer Kim Yong Seong turning out an interesting design for a portable music player that supports CDs and MP3 files. Kim has dubbed his proposed design the DMP, short for Dual Music Player, which plays MP3 files in the compact closed position and then flips open to form two arms that support a CD. MP3 files and charging would come courtesy of a USB connection and the device would also do away with messy headphone cables through Bluetooth support.

While the design may not be all that practical, not least of all because the player would need to be stationary when playing a CD, and it's unlikely the design will ever become a reality with the imminent demise of the CD, kudos to Kim on an interesting design.

For further info visit Kim's portfolio.

Via Yanko Design.

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