Carcoon Server Shield portable clean room protects your hardware


June 15, 2009

The Carcoon Server Shield protects sensitive equipment from dust and moisture

The Carcoon Server Shield protects sensitive equipment from dust and moisture

Responsible IT departments have well established data backup procedures and disaster recovery plans to cope with the unexpected. But some threats to IT infrastructure - like the dust created by building works in the vicinity of sensitive and valuable hardware - are known about in advance. To cater for such scenarios, Carcoon, the UK manufacturer of inflatable covers for cars and motorcycles, has developed the Server Shield.

The Server Shield surrounds rack-mounted equipment in an inflatable shell that acts as a “clean room” type of mini environment. Four filtered vent units circulate clean airflow to keep the machine temperature stable, and to keep the air clean and dry. Several sealable openings are provided in the cover to allow access to the server or other equipment without removing the cover.

The Server Shield drops over the machine and forms a seal with the floor around. The ventilators take in air through the bottom of the enclosure and exhaust it out through the top rim. The Server Shield also features a digital temperature readout to monitor the working temperature within the cover.

IT managers and building contractors can plan to install Server Shields before beginning any type of construction and it can also be used in rural locations or other less-than-optimal environments where sensitive equipment may be deployed.

For more information visit Carcoon.

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