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Record the road ahead: CarCam Voyager Dashboard Car Camera


December 18, 2007

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December 19, 2007 In the unfortunate event that things go pear-shaped on the road, a continuous, objective record of the road ahead could be a very useful asset. The CarCam Voyager Dashboard Car Camera provides this via a dash-mounted video camera that captures over 8 hours of constant video of road, weather, and traffic conditions on a removable 2GB SD card. At roughly the same size as a mobile phone the unit is small enough to not obstruct viewing and can be powered by either a 12V DC power cord that plugs into the car or from 3 AAA batteries.

A means of providing objective, hard evidence to insurance companies in case of an accident, CarCam features one-touch recording, of audio and video in AVI format onto SD Memory Cards ranging from 128MB to 2GB capacity and can be connected to a TV with RCA cables for playback. All that is required for installation is to place the cradle, plug in the power or batteries and set the recording angle using a red laser beam spot light to shine in the desired direction. Powering the CarCam with batteries also allows it to be removed from its cradle and used as a portable camera.

Couple the CarCam Voyager with the previously reviewed SenseCam personal recording device and there needn’t be a minute of your day that goes undocumented.

The CarCam Voyager Dashboard Car Camera has a recommended retail price of USD$100. See Brickhouse Security.

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