car2go appearing in Toronto, Calgary and Miami in coming weeks


June 15, 2012

Car sharing scheme car2go has announced it is going to expand its area of operation into Toronto, Calgary and Miami in the coming weeks

Car sharing scheme car2go has announced it is going to expand its area of operation into Toronto, Calgary and Miami in the coming weeks

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Daimler-owned car sharing scheme car2go has announced it is to expand its area of operation into three new North American cities in the coming weeks - Toronto, Calgary and Miami. The new cities will join existing programs in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

Originally developed in 2008 at the Daimler Business Innovation Unit in Stuttgart, Germany, car2go affords enrolled members the opportunity to use a specially designed Smart Fortwo car to navigate cities which host the program. The cars can be prearranged up to 24 hours in advance or picked up on the spot and used as necessary, before being left at a designated area or suitable parking space. Users gain access to the vehicle using a member card which is waved in front of a reader mounted on the windshield.

We've followed the car2go journey closely, from its inception and initial success to its subsequent expansion. As previously noted, each vehicle in car2go's fleet comes sporting a solar panel integrated into the roof and this design enables the car2go Fourtwo to generate electricity without the use of an alternator while the car is in use, increasing efficiency markedly as a result.

car2go uses a pricing rate based on the time one spends within the vehicle, meaning that members of the scheme are charged by the minute, without a minimum time limit. Parking fees, insurance and maintenance are also taken care of by car2go as part of membership to the scheme.

car2go will launch in Toronto on June 30, Calgary on July 21 and in Miami on July 28. However, those interested in joining up can do so now at the car2go website.

Source: Daimler, service page:car2go

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As they say: "Everything old is new again". My first glance at this "New" car had the memories of the Isetta from the '60's just a'leapin' out at me. The biggest difference on first glance is that the Isetta was much easier to get in and out of. What's next, a "Rethinking" of the Messerschmitt from the same era?

Myron J. Poltroonian
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