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A car park with a view (and a house too)


January 8, 2014

Car Park House is based in Echo Park, Los Angeles (Photo: Steve King)

Car Park House is based in Echo Park, Los Angeles (Photo: Steve King)

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Los Angeles-based architecture and design studio Anonymous Architects has completed an unusual property which gives primacy to the occupant's automobile. Like the firm's Big and Small House, Car Park House is again a fine example of using a modest-sized plot to its fullest, but in this case Anonymous Architects took the step of installing a rooftop-based car port.

Measuring 130 sq m (1,405 sq ft) and located in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Car Park House differs from other car-centric properties we've covered, such as the Autofamily House or Porsche Design Tower in that its design derives from practical concerns. The local building code requires that new homes feature at least two vehicle parking spaces, and the site chosen for construction is on a steep hillside.

The single-level dwelling was built atop a concrete pile foundation, and Anonymous Architects reckons these lend the impression that the home is "floating" above the hillside. Access to Car Park House is gained via the bridge, and steps lead from the car port into the home proper. Inside, there's three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, and a lounge.

The rooftop parking area is also usable as a deck space, and the property boasts views of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains.

Car Park House was completed in August, 2013.

Source: Anonymous Architects

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I am going to assume that the house is built to earthquake standards.


Good looking, but not unique - people have been building on hillsides and needing car space since whenever, and this is only one solution.

The Skud

It look very nice, house is pretty modest considering the price tag (which had to be high). I would feel a little uneasy about being in there when a earthquake hits...

Derek Howe


Xts Baagii

I think the best thing about this house is the view to be honest, however I do agree with Derek, not sure I'd feel too safe if/when an earthquake hits.

Thomas H Wood

It is not new by any means, as I lived in a house with car parking on top up in the Berkeley hillside in the late 60s, about 50 years ago!

Arne Bjermeland

I agree nothing new, but I like it, it seems well designed and has a fantastic view, also it is not over the top


Excuse my ignorance , but isn`t that built on a fault line ?

Binna Burra Mick

Reminds me of Iron Man's house!

Ra'anan Elozory
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