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April 24, 2013

Canvas, by YOY design studio, is a set of furniture disguised as 2D works of art

Canvas, by YOY design studio, is a set of furniture disguised as 2D works of art

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All those who regularly entertain guests in their homes will have surely encountered the problem of never having enough seating to accommodate everybody present. There is no easy way around the problem, other than keeping a stock of extra chairs that can be retrieved and arranged as the need arises. But where to store these additional seats? How about hanging them on the wall as works of art ...

Canvas is a set of two-dimensional chairs masquerading as works of art. Or prints of chairs masquerading as furniture, depending on your point of view. Each Canvas piece of furniture comprises a piece of elastic fabric with the texture of canvas. This is stretched over a frame made from wood and aluminum that follows the contours of the front-facing print of a chair.

This means that Canvas can be hung from a wall like any other piece of art. When guests need somewhere to sit it can be taken down and leaned against a wall, allowing it to be used as a real chair. In practical terms it's unlikely to be comfortable enough for a long sitting session, but it certainly has a high novelty factor.

Naoki Ono, founder of YOY design studio, presented Canvas at Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week 2013. Canvas comes in three sizes: a stool, a one-person seat, and a two-person seat. This looks to be more of a proof-of-concept than anything else, with no prices listed or option to buy stated, but it's certainly a compelling and ingenious solution to a common problem.

Source: YOY via Hyperallergic

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Doesn't really look comfortable but it does look very artsy and it's quite innovative and very modern. The test is, if you can watch tv in it comfortably enough to be able to fall asleep, then it's a comfy chair.

Therese Shaw
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