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Canon's new US$6,800 EOS-1D X pro DSLR


October 18, 2011

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the new 1D X is its low light capability for both video and still photography

Perhaps the most compelling feature of the new 1D X is its low light capability for both video and still photography

Canon is to upgrade its flagship EOS 1-series digital SLR camera from March 2012 when the weatherproof Canon EOS-1D X will supersede the EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS-1Ds Mark III. Among the many new features of the EOS-1D X is a new 61-Point High Density Reticular AF system, AF continuous shooting at 12 fps (14 fps with mirror lock-up), a full-frame 18.1MP CMOS sensor, an ISO range of 100-51200, the world's fastest shutter release lag (as short as just 36 milliseconds), and full high definition movie recording.

The new 1D X EOS offers full HD (1920x1080: 24/25 fps) shooting, with a host of refinements.  Processing and CMOS sensor upgrades have enabled enhanced movie recording performance, including a reduction in moiré and false color.

While Canon has already forged an exceptional reputation for its low-light video with the 5D Mk II, the 1D X offers an expanded movie ISO range of 100-25600 (H:51200; H1:102400; H2:204800) for high sensitivity and exceptional low-light performance. The camera automatically segments movie files every 4GB to assist with continuity of shooting. The 1D X supports the ALL-I compression format, as well as high-quality, high-compression IPB format. For the first time with a Canon digital SLR shooting video, audio recording is manually adjustable both before and during shooting.

The Canon EOS-1D X will sell for US$6,800.

Also shown for the first time today was a new compact Wireless File Transmitter unit (the WFT-E6) which offers extended functionality for the EOS-1D X, including synchronized shooting with multiple camera units, remote control shooting, image review and download using an Internet browser, and high-speed Wi-Fi or Bluetooth file transfer. The Wireless File Transmitter will become available in March at around US$600.   Also launched today, the GPS receiver GP-E1 adds location and directional information to images during shooting for such uses as organizing news coverage and research. Bundled software enables tracking of shooting locations on a map. The GPS Receiver will become available in April 2012, priced at around US$300.

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With WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS modules retailing for $1, you\'d think the makers of a ~$7grand camera could have shelled out the few extra cents to put that stuff into the camera - and had they done so, it could all have been so much more useful, like including orientation as well as GPS data, apps to drive your camera, and really cool multi-camera self-optimisation etc. Sheesh.

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