Canon X Mark I combines mouse, keypad and calculator


July 27, 2011

Canon has merged mouse, numeric keypad and calculator into one useful wireless device - the X Mark I Mouse

Canon has merged mouse, numeric keypad and calculator into one useful wireless device - the X Mark I Mouse

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Mobile number crunchers whose laptop keyboard is lacking in a useful separate keypad will no doubt be interested to discover that Canon is about to release a new slim laser mouse which includes its own keypad. The new X Mark I Mouse could also please trackpad haters looking to reduce the number of peripherals housed within the laptop bag, as it also operates as a 10-digit calculator complete with LCD screen.

The X Mark I Mouse is a three-button (including the scroll wheel), 1200 dpi laser mouse that has a number pad where the palm of your hand would gently rest during use. You'll also notice a 10 character LCD screen just above the keypad which gives away the device's third useful function - it's also a calculator. Canon has also sweetened the deal by adding some green credentials to the pot.

The lower casing and battery cover are made from plastic recycled from old Canon copiers. Granted, it's probably not going to win any prizes for ergonomics but as a space- and time-saver, it looks like a winner to me.

The 4.72 x 2.36 x 1.06-inch (120 x 60 x 27 mm) mouse wirelessly connects to a laptop via Bluetooth 2.0 - so you don't even have to worry about blocking up a much-needed USB port with a nano receiver - and is Windows and Mac compatible. It weighs 3.74 ounces (106g) with two AAA-type batteries (included), and comes in either black or white.

Canon says that the X Mark I Mouse will be available from next month for an estimated retail of US$60.

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LOL I know it happens but I still find it silly people use a calculator these days.

Especially when you have a computer right in front of you.. I mean you can just do a search and Google will give you the answer..

To make it even easier just download google desktop, then you just have to hit ctrl twice, the google search window pops up and type in t your math problem..

I mean if you use a calculator on a regular basis maybe it is time to think of a better process.

If you are running a retail store you really should get some pos software, if you are doing estimates you really should be using google docs or excel.

I was required to buy a ti85 for calculus in HS, I wasted $100 of my own money, never used it once. That was the only calculator I have ever bought..

It reminds me of people who have dictionaries on their desk.. lol... Just Google the word if you don\'t know how to spell it... lol...

and no I don\'t work for google, I just use them all the time.

Michael Mantion

Too bad they didn\'t equip it with IR and some accompanying software to use it as a remote control. The wheel is the perfect volume control. The mouse buttons would serve to flip through channels. The keypad is obviously suited to select channels and to perform other common tasks.


Knutars has a great idea..... Canon should listen up....

Racqia Dvorak

After all these years of remote controls and small calculators, why has no company ever had the idea to add a calculator function to a TV remote? It already has most of the buttons! Add a display, a button to switch to calculator mode, which would also shift some of the non-number buttons to math functions, and any one of the many cheap 4 function calculator chips.

As for this calcu-mouse, can it send and receive data from the computer? I have a USB keypad/calculator I use with my laptop, but it can only send data. It would be so much handier if I could select numbers on the screen and send them to the keypad\'s calculator.

Benefits of an off-screen calculator connected to a computer. 1. It\'s always visible, never gets buried behind other apps. 2. You can use it without turning the computer on. 3. It\'s faster to use with fingers instead of clicking with a mouse or touchpad buttons. 4. Most laptops don\'t have dedicated number pads, which makes #3 extra relevant for them.

Gregg Eshelman

Miachel above has a very valid point. Who the hell needs a calculator these days.. even basic phones have calculators ..let alone full PCs and laptops

I aint paying Rs 3000 ( 60 USD) for a mouse !!

If it were a full function key pad and mouse in this shape and at abt USD 10 ..i would consider it

Also what about millions of old PCs that are not bluetooth ready ? Thats an added expense of abt 5 to 10 USD

In nutshell,, get a full function keypad, mouse IR ( as a reader said above ) and throw in a calculator ... And price it at 10USD ..then it\'s a magic device

Atul Malhotra

Love it, want one. yes I have a clackulator on my BB phone and several versions on my desktop - but they all require that I have power on. and that means its apin. have to boot up or switch on and here just do it.

Hilary Albutt
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