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EOS 5D Mark II replacement to be announced next week?


February 23, 2012

Canon is rumored to be announced the replacement for its EOS 5D Mark II (pictured) early next week

Canon is rumored to be announced the replacement for its EOS 5D Mark II (pictured) early next week

With Canon releasing its EOS 5D Mark II way back in 2008 - a lifetime in the world of digital cameras - rumors are circulating that the company has plans to announce its replacement early next week. According to Canon Rumors, the new model will boast a 22-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, a 3.2-inch LCD display, 100 percent viewfinder coverage, both CF and SD card slots, and the same 61-point auto-focus system found in the EOS-1D X released late last year.

While a maximum resolution of 22-megapixelsis is slightly up of on the 21.1 megapixels of the current 5D, it is well short of the 36.6 megapixel D800 recently announced by Nikon. However, that's unlikely to worry the professional photographers at which the camera is aimed who know that megapixel count is far from the be all and end all when it comes to image quality.

Canon has also hinted that it if higher megapixel count is what the market demands then it could easily provide one, with Canon Rumors quoting Masaya Maeda, head of Canon's camera division, in the wake of Nikon's D800 announcement: "If Canon thinks the market wants the high resolution models such as the 30+ MP of Nikon's D800, they can easily develop such products."

Canon is expected to announce the EOS 5D Mark II replacement on February 27 or 28, with a price of around US$3,500.

Source: Canon Rumors

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