Can-Am adds an extra pair of wheels to the Outlander ATV


May 5, 2014

Six drive wheels give the new Outlander plenty of off-road capability

Six drive wheels give the new Outlander plenty of off-road capability

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If four drive wheels are better than two for off-roading, it should follow that six are better than four. Six drive wheels provide the formula behind the new Can-Am Outlander 6x6 1000 XT work and recreation vehicle. The extra axle sits below a rear bed, creating a workhorse that can haul and speed with a full half-dozen clawing wheels.

The Outlander 6x6 was designed to offer "industry-leading power and capacity" in a "no-compromise utility ATV application." It routes output from the 82-hp Rotax V-Twin 1000 engine to all six wheels, muscling up slippery dirt hills, through sticky mud fields, over rugged rock gardens, and more. With the help of the CVT's extra low gear, the Outlander six-pack pulls 1,650 lb (750 kg) worth of tow load along for the ride.

The Oulander 6x6 looks like a typical four-wheeler up front, up until your eyes wander to the rear cargo bed supported by the extra wheels. The bed delivers 700 lb (318 kg) of rear cargo capacity to go with 100 lb (45 kg) on the front rack. The bed has a dual-level design and includes tilt-assisted dumping. A modular attachment system lets the driver transform the bed into different configurations using components like sidewalls, log bars and cargo boxes.

The Outlander 6x6 is built on an extended version of Can-Am's SST G2 frame with 11 in (28 cm) of ground clearance. It cushions its extra wheels with a double torsional trailing arm independent (TTI2) rear suspension with 9.3 in (23.6 cm) of travel. What Can-Am calls the "ATV industry's only four-wheel independent rear suspension" keeps the vehicle straight and steady by moving the wheels up and down, instead of in a butterfly motion. Owners can adjust the rear suspension by way of the quick-release sway bar and five-way preload adjustable shocks.

Up front, a double A-arm with 9 in (22.9 cm) of travel helps the 26-in Carlisle ACT radial tires greet bumps. Other drive hardware includes a tri-mode dynamic power steering system, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, and a Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential.

The Outlander 6x6 measures 122.8 x 48.8 x 49.5 in (312 x 124 x 126 cm), has an 82-in (208.1-cm) wheelbase and weighs 1,135 lb (515 kg) dry. It includes a standard skid plate and 3,000-lb (1,361-kg) Warn winch.

Onboard, the driver can track vehicle performance via a multifunctional digital gauge with speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, 6x6 indicator and other readings. The 6x6 has a powerful 230-watt headlight system and a 625-watt magneto for powering accessories. The digitally encoded security system provides anti-theft safety by preventing the vehicle from starting until the proper code is entered. Separate "normal" and "performance" keys control how much acceleration and speed are available to the driver.

Can-Am's parent company BRP introduced the Outlander 6x6 at its semi-annual sales meeting last September, as part of a multi-brand line-up that also included the Sea-Doo Spark. It launched the model in North America this week as part of its 2015 ATV line. The Outlander 6x6 1000 XT retails for US $15,549 in yellow and $16,049 in camo. The Outlander 6x6 is also available in 62-hp 650 XT trim for $13,649.

Source: Can-Am

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0k. I want one.


Can am makes some cool stuff. I wish I would have bought a 800 Renegade instead of my 700 Raptor. They are about the same in a straight line speed but 4x4 Renegade is light years ahead in sloppy stuff.


Have a look at the MB G63. It makes this child's play.

Colin Fox

I think that is really cool and very macho. It would be great for hauling this bid bod guy around and look cool / macho doing so.


A roll cage would be nice.


If this baby gets stuck, you're in REAL trouble! I wonder if they will introduce a two-person (side-by-side, naturally) version as well? They probably sell like the proverbial ...

The Skud

@The Skud that's what the winch is for. if it gets stuck you have to hope you have a tree within reach or a buddy nearby on another one to tow. The MR version of it has a snorkel up top and you can pretty much completely submerge it in soup. There are some examples of that in this vid:

That's the kind of stuff my 2WD nopes out of.


In this day and age of water cooling, fuel injection, ect..., Can Am uses a V twin, to bad, bummer.......

Perry Obray

Oh good. A bigger, better machine with two more wheels to rip up the countryside with. The palookas in the video probably go home thinking that they're so cool and green because they recycle their paper and plastic.

I can hear these things in the distance at my cottage, and I thank my lucky stars that they're not closer. This disregard for anything but their macho egos can make an eco-friendly person go postal.

At a local gas station, there was a bunch of them filling up. I gave them shit for ruining the peaceful countryside. They looked at me and said nothing, probably because their wives were with them. Otherwise, I could've had a whupping for insulting their macho sensibilities, and I woulda put up a fight with these SOB's too.


owlbeyou, I can see your point however, for emergency services working in such places these would be ideal. Imagine you're a fire fighter and the flames are creeping around you, almost cutting you off. You may not be able to run due to the terrain, smoke and lack of oxygen. You are already sat on your ATV (not being allied to any make of them here) and scoot out of there just in time. They could carry fire retardant powder or even water, but I don't think either would go too far putting out the flames, so more like an Outlander ATV for capacity. If said fire fighter was cutting trees down to make a fire break, then yes, it would likely help. So, they do have their uses, let alone what the military could use them for.


Colin Fox 3rd May, 2014 @ 01:19 pm says: "Have a look at the MB G63. It makes this child's play."

Yes. But note that Mercedes 6 x 6 SUV costs $615,000.

Not quite the same thing, and not meant for the same job.


Perry R. Obray 5th May, 2014 @ 09:07 am says: "In this day and age of water cooling, fuel injection, ect..., Can Am uses a V twin, too bad, bummer......."

Whatsamatter Perry? You just don't like V twins?

"This engine is the most powerful in the industry with 82 hp. The liquid-cooled, single overhead cam power plant has four valves per cylinder, a 46mm throttle body and two VDO Siemens fuel injectors. The EFI system keeps the 1000 engine's performance at its peak........"

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