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Buzzball gets things rolling


June 30, 2008

Fun is a giant plastic sphere
Photo: Evento

Fun is a giant plastic sphere Photo: Evento

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June 30, 2008 Looking like the next evolutionary step for Zorbing - but without the need for a downhill slope - the Buzzball is a giant sphere from New Zealand based promotional concepts company Evento which allows the pilot to create their own wild ride.

The motion and direction of the Buzzball are controlled by a pilot inside the sphere via left and right control triggers which provide power to the driving wheels. These wheels in turn spin the inner 'pod' on its’ axis around the inside of the ball. For example, if power is applied equally to both wheels the pod will rear up as the wheels climb up the face of the ball forcing the ball to rotate around the pod and powering the Buzzball forward.

The inner pod is designed to maintain an upright position once the Buzzball is in motion, but when the pilot turns, it causes the pod to rotate inside the ball against the direction of travel. This applies a braking force and the pod locks with the ball causing the pod to rotate with the ball until the weight of the pilot and pod overcomes the inertia forces and causes the Buzzball to change direction.

The speed of the Buzzball will affect the degree of rotation of the pilot and pod from a partial barrel roll to complete and multiple rotations. Sufferers of motion sickness might best sit this one out since the prospect of losing one’s lunch inside a sealed, rotating ball doesn’t sound like our idea of a good time.

The Evento Buzzball is currently in development, so we look forward to seeing giant spheres hurtling across the countryside in the not too distant future.

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