Get 25% off the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor

While analytics and big data can tell us everything about our digital lives, local conditions in the real world remain a mystery to most of us. The Kickstarter-funded Sensordrone addresses that by packing 11 distinct sensors into a keychain dongle, and relaying the live readings to your smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth.

Between its three gas sensors, the Sensordrone can test air quality, check blood alcohol content, pick up gas leaks, and sniff out ozone and chlorine. The non-contact thermometer can tell the temperature of anything in its line of sight — particularly useful for diagnosing engine issues — while the ambient thermometer, pressure gauge and humidity sensor work together to provide a good overview of weather conditions. Also included is a light intensity sensor, a color meter and a proximity sensor (for wall stud detection, for instance), along with an expansion port for attaching stuff like EKGs and thermal printers.

In digital terms, the Sensordrone app has three data-logging options, and the platform is open source, so it’s possible to code your own micro apps to use the data in new ways.

The Sensordrone normally retails at $199, but you can currently get 25% off via the link below.

>> Get 25% off the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor ($149)

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