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Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer takes tailgate parties upmarket


March 24, 2013

The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer adds a touch of class to any tailgate party

The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer adds a touch of class to any tailgate party

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The Neiman Marcus fantasy gift guide is famous for offering extravagant items for the person who has everything – last year's guide included the Jetlev flyer and a special edition McLaren 12c Spider, for example. Also on the list was an item that at first glace might seem a bit pedestrian in comparison – a caravan. But the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer is luxury all the way, unfolding into a luxury rolling bar complete with a giant ice chest and leather appointments that ensure it will add a touch of class to any tailgate party.

Linking the Bulleit distillery with extremely upmarket tailgating, the teardrop caravan was created by designer Brad Ford, who was named one of America's Top Young Designers by House Beautiful magazine. The caravan is made of wood, but not just any wood. It’s hand fashioned out of reclaimed oak Bulleit Bourbon casks. They've been dismantled, the charred inner wood sanded off and cut up, before being fitted back together for the body and fittings. So not only does it provide bespoke wood paneling, but also a remarkable aroma.

The caravan is accented by leather furnishings and details by leather-workers Moore & Giles, and kitted out with a flat-screen television, Blu-ray player and a Sony sound system with sound bar speakers and smartphone controls. There's also a load of glassware and a "year’s supply" of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye, which Neiman Marcus (no fools) sets at four cases.

The caravan is not cheap – as in it costs about twice as much as a Jaguar F Type. That’s a price tag of US$150,000 with free delivery in the continental United States. Toss in another $1,500 and Neiman Marcus will throw in a hip flask wrapped in crocodile leather and a leather-bound edition of The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender's Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy, by Jim Meehan and Chris Gall in a wooden box, also made from bourbon barrels.

Only two of the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailers are for sale. The first can be purchased now and the second will be available within six months of ordering. Ten percent of the price for both items goes to the The Foundation for AIDS Research.

Source: Neiman Marcus via Luxehotelier

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Beautiful- But at that price, why not just make it a million dollars and give 85% to charity?

¡Ay Caramba!


Wow, this looks really good! And I though my friends would be impressed by my whiskey still....If I show them this, they will all want me to get one. Well, I can always tell them that this would be a great birthday gift ;)

Jason Stone

I agree - while the craftsmanship appears superb, there's certainly more room for charity than 10%. Building two or three of these and auctioning them FOR charity would offer exponentially more potential. That said, it's nice they're at least tying it into a charitable donation.

Vince Pack
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