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Bubble Baby bowl-shaped baby bed rocks little ones to sleep, cleans itself


May 29, 2012

Bubble Baby is a vacuum-thermoformed and blow molded acrylic baby bed which was inspired by a traditional Russian tumbler-toy called a Nevalyashka

Bubble Baby is a vacuum-thermoformed and blow molded acrylic baby bed which was inspired by a traditional Russian tumbler-toy called a Nevalyashka

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As any sleep-deprived parent will tell you, there's nothing quite like the joy of seeing your precious newborn drift off to sleep in a safe environment … if only because it means you might get a few minutes' rest yourself. As such, there are countless products on the market which promise to help you achieve this almost mythical state of sleep, and soon there could be one more - a hypoallergenic bowl-shaped baby bed.

Bubble Baby from designer Lana Agiyan is a vacuum-thermoformed and blow molded acrylic baby bed, which was inspired by a traditional Russian tumbler-toy called a Nevalyashka. The transparent bed can rock in any direction up to a 17 degree angle, but will return to an upright position thanks to a 15-kilogram (33-lb) plexiglass weight center.

The mattress itself contains a layer of buckwheat hulls - said to be ideal for babies because it's naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, insulating and odor resistant - and is said to give the impression the baby is sleeping on a cloud within the acrylic bubble, allowing anxious parents to watch their child's every move.

One of the most unusual aspects of the Bubble Baby is the liquid polymer containing a nano-titanium dioxide coating, which the bed has been treated with. Created in conjunction with Estonian-based firm Nanoformula, it is claimed to improve optical transparency and to ionize the bed, making it self-cleaning and odor-eliminating.

The photocatalytic effect of the titanium dioxide nanoparticles means the bed begins to degrade dirt and air pollution when exposed to sunlight. The coating also "heals" potentially germ-harboring scratches in the bed, making it safer for little sleepers - it is also said to be eco-friendly, and certified for use in the EU.

The Bubble Baby - which can be used from newborn to five months and then used as toy storage or a swing - is currently being developed with an Indian furniture firm that hopes to take it into production soon. There's no word on how much it will cost.

Source: Lana Agiyan

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Have the designers considered that CO2 (babies breathe it out too) is heavier than air. They may need some free flowing ventilation pathways to ensure "baby bubs"is getting enough fresh air, or there will be a new wave of Cot-death (SIDS) suits to fight off....

Ventilation Holes in the bed base and around the outer "Acrylic shell should ensure adequate ventilation.... (Hey I'm sure this has been catered for... Who else finds it a little unusual to stick the baby in a fish bowl.)


MD...there is not a lid!

Robin Hilliker

What happens when the baby rolls off center? Does he/she get stuck against the bed's plexiglass walls at the edge of the now inclined bed for the rest of the night since the physics of the rocker won't actually return it back to a perfectly level position.


re; MD

It would take some pretty still air to allow the bowl to fill with CO2, and I suspect the baby would make a serious fuss before the concentrations became dangerous.


Has anyone considered this from the point of view of the baby? Looks to me more like some sensory deprivation set-up designed for Guantanamo Bay.

More and more articles get published showing how babies are on a huge learning mission even from before birth. Putting them in such a minimalist environment is cruel.

As close as possible to Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters, the family dog etc. That's where babies should be, not in some sanitised designer plastic shoe box.

Dirk Scott

When the babies who slept in this grow up, they will be able to proudly state: "I grew up in an ionized nano-titanium dioxide coated photocatalytic titanium dioxide nanoparticle bed”. What a party stopper...


MD & sk8Dad are both correct.

Excessive build up of CO2 is a well-known cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndorme). Just becuase the Babycot does not have a Lid (response from 'Slowburn') is probably one of the most STUPID responses I have come across! MD pointed out the obvious fact that CO2 is "Heavier" than air - and so 'collects' in the 'Bowl' shape of this Cot. It is dangerous and I also believe not having Ventilation is against CE regulations. CO2 will cause the baby to lapse into an induced sleep - hence I doubt it will have the capability to 'influence' events as Slowburn 'thinks'.

There is also the well-known phrase "Better to be safe than sorry".... why even risk the life of a newborne Child when it is such an easy thing to introduce some form of ventilation mechanism (preferably one that cannot become blocked by movement of the sleeping mat etc.

And yes, Sk8Dad is correct as the system will invariably tilt as soon as the baby moves off centre. Laws of Physics here dictate that the weight of the infant will be multiplied by the fact that the baby's Centre of Gravity [CoG] is higher than the CoG of the Cot and hence will have more and more of an influence on the Tilt Angle as it moves nearer to the side (which would no doubt be further exacerbated by any current tilt).


Hello everyone, I'm the designer of this piece. Some answers:about CO2: have you ever thought that there is some air movement in the room. Or you are speaking of some sterile experiment in a hermetic cube? ) nether thought that there will be comments like this) Bed declining: yes, the bed might slope if a heavy baby rolls to one de in sleep and there is noone around to help. But, the angle is safe, and also I've designed a small mat, that you can wrap around the bottom to fix the bed vertically ( for example at night) . Or with this wrap you can fix it while declined(for example to have baby's head higher after feeding) To all of you who write me about buying the bed. The public sales won't start until premiere at Maison&objet exhibition in Paris this September. I will send a newsletter with prices and details to everyone who e-mailed me.

Svetlana Agiyan

And of course I've made this bed transparent mostly for the reason of visual communication between baby and parents, that they are so deprived lying in a traditional crib behind the wooden bars or layers of pretty fabric. The environment will help them develop faster, and for sure it's more fun then to observe a room's ceiling )

Svetlana Agiyan

Hi,Svetlana. I absolutely love the bed! How would I go about purchasing one. I'm in Australia. Thanks

Boom Communications-Sydney

Hello I really liked your design and i was wondering about the points of sale in the area of Montreal if not i need to know more about this product, prices and other details for shipment procedure Thank you for replying as soon as possible

Mark Hoyek


How would i go about getting your bed in USA? Our baby is due in october. Thank you for replying as soon as possible

MsDramas Fresas
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