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The Bringrr promises you'll never drive away without your cell phone again


June 28, 2010

The Bringrr cell phone reminder

The Bringrr cell phone reminder

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As some readers may recall, back in April a certain prototype iPhone was “forgotten” in a bar, and ended up being prematurely splashed all over the Internet. Well, that whole nasty business would likely never have happened, if only that phone’s owner had been using a Bringrr. A little device that plugs into your car’s power outlet/cigarette lighter, the Bringrr gets paired up with your cell phone, then searches for that phone whenever the car is started. If it makes a connection, meaning that the phone is in the car, it will flash blue and emit a confirming beep. If it can’t find the phone, however, it will flash red and emit a tone that pretty much says, “Hey Dummy, you forgot your phone.”

The makers of the Bringrr claim that it will work with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, and any vehicle with an outlet. No additional software on your phone, or anything else, is required. However it won't work with a phone that doesn't allow dual pairing, if a hands-free device is already being used with that phone. An upcoming firmware upgrade should address that limitation.

If you’re already using your vehicle’s outlet to charge your phone, you can also buy a Bringrr Charge, that combines a Bringrr with a cell phone charger.

There are already products called phone leashes, which are Bluetooth key fobs that pair with your phone, and let you know when the two are separated. The Bringrr folks point out that unlike their product, phone leashes need to be recharged, and require you to always keep your phone with your keys. Of course, it could also be pointed out that a Bringrr will only keep you from driving away without your phone - if you walk, bike or take the bus, it’s not going to do you much good.

The Bringrr will be available via the company website as of mid-July for US$34.99. The Bringrr Charge will go for $44.99.

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