Adventure Camera Kit clings on with spider-like grip


April 15, 2013

The Breffo Adventure Camera Kit can wrap around a tree branch

The Breffo Adventure Camera Kit can wrap around a tree branch

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Breffo, the firm behind the eight-legged Spiderpodium gadget dock, has revealed another spidery product, the Adventure Camera Kit. The new device, which can hold any compact camera or action-cam with a typical tripod thread, is designed to be used in situations where a normal tripod couldn't cut it – such as hanging from railings, or attaching it to a tree branch or bike handlebars.

Based around the original Spiderpodium, the Breffo Adventure Camera Kit features the same eight bendable legs which can be used to prop up your camera, or secure it in place by wrapping them around something, much like a GorillaPod. Because the legs are rubber-coated and waterproof you don't need to worry about scratching surfaces, or it getting wet – important if you're mounting an action-cam on the handlebars of your mountain bike.

In terms of what's new compared to the original Spiderpodium, it's really just the ability to mount a camera securely using the bundled Breffo Camera Adapter (previously users had to wrap the legs around their camera to hold it in place). But that's actually quite a big deal as it means the Adventure Camera Kit can be used with most compact cameras, action-cams, or even suitably-accessorized smartphones, as long as they have a standard tripod thread mount.

The additional appendages (which led to the Orwell-esque marketing line, "Eight legs are better than three") also mean the octopod offers considerably more security when attaching it to surfaces than most traditional flexible camera tripods on the market. Breffo states this is of benefit, not just to traditional photographers, but also to the growing market of action-cam shooters. When not in use, the device packs flat for easy storage and transport.

The Breffo Adventure Camera Kit is available online for a price of £20 (that's around US$30) and comes in white, or the even more spider-like black.

Here's a quick video of the Breffo Adventure Camera Kit in use on a bike as it hurtles down a mountain.

Source: Breffo

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"Adventure camera kit" is a mouthful. Allow me to suggest an alternative: "Facehugger." Google it. It would be especially appropriate for that pale-colored one in the top photo.

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