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LED-equipped cork turns wine bottles into lamps


February 12, 2014

bottlelight-festooned wine bottles, helping to class things up a little

bottlelight-festooned wine bottles, helping to class things up a little

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There's an old camping trick, for people who don't want to bother getting a lantern: just stick a flashlight up against the bottom of a plastic pop bottle, turn the flashlight on, then bask in the bottle's glow. Now you can do the same sort of thing with wine bottles, using suckUK's bottlelight.

The bottlelight itself is simply a cork with a battery-powered LED attached to the bottom. You twist the LED to turn it on, then stick the whole device in the top of a wine bottle – just like you'd do with a regular cork. The result is a swanky glowing bottle that Martha Stewart would kill for.

To recharge the bottlelight's integrated battery, you remove the LED section from the cork, then plug it into a USB cable or charger. One hour of charging time should get you 2.5 hours of bottle-illuminating action.

suckUK suggests using the bottlelight with empty wine bottles, although we can't help but wonder if the light would be more evenly distributed if it were shining through water – or even a nice white or rosé. In any case, if you want one, you can order it for US$15.

You can see it lighting up some bottles in the video below.

Source: suckUK via Gizmodo

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Lovely idea. Although haven't they missed a trick in filling the bottles with water?


Mike Singleton

This is fantastic. Always on the look out for an excuse to open another bottle :) How about some multi colour as well?


Maybe a bottle filled with clear colored marbles or glass beads. I like this thing but then I am kind of an LED nut. There are 5 LED flashlight within arm's reach right now. Two of them 6 inch 900 lumen lights that you can put in a pocket.

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