Footsies-friendly Bottlebench social garden furniture


January 21, 2013

Designer Maarten Pauwelyn has created the Bottlebench outdoor seating set that looks like it would be perfect for long lazy days in the garden

Designer Maarten Pauwelyn has created the Bottlebench outdoor seating set that looks like it would be perfect for long lazy days in the garden

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Designer Maarten Pauwelyn has created a social outdoor seating set that looks perfect for long lazy days playing footsies in the garden with friends. Named “Bottlebench,” the outdoor setting features five reclined seats that are all fixed to a central point.

So named because of its similarity to the bottom of a plastic bottle, the Bottlebench resembles something you would expect to find in a children’s playground, however this one’s definitely designed with adults in mind and doesn’t come with a spinning option!

Bottlebench is made from recyclable polyester and each individual seat comes stacked on top of one another for easy packaging and transportation. The central point and arms of the seating can double as drink holders and it appears that the design also includes an umbrella holder at its core.

There's no word on whether the Bottlebench will get a commercial release.

Source: Designboom

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I don't see the point. Your typical picnic table with benches is far more practical, and you can play "footsies" if you like just fine with that, too.

You could not eat lunch on this thing.

Anne Ominous

Um, wow, that would make me a little uncomfortable, and I mean having my feet touch everyone else's feet. Also, doesn't look very stable, the chairs might wobble too much to use the the center as a table and it looks like it might flip if only two people were in it next to each other.


I think it is very clever. I like the idea that is made from recycled plastic. 'going green while enjoying the greenery' . :)


Yeah. I agree with exodous and annie ominous. If everyone is the same size this could be fun. But we are not the same size. The picnic bench is a lot more egalitarian.

Also, if it's to be in a public place, there needs to be room for strollers or wheelchairs to join in.

But - I like the fun quality of the design, and the very nice molding work. Just needs some tweaks.

Ruth Vallejos

Read carefully: It's made with polyester that can be recycled. It is not made with recycled polyester.

It is unique in the sense that it creates a round table, although not much table. Great for brainstorming as long as you can write in your lap.

I wonder if you could get hernia trying to pick up your drink?

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