BookEndz Docking Station for the MacBook, MacBook Pro


July 24, 2008

The BookEndz Docking Station

The BookEndz Docking Station

July 24, 2008 Is the mStand a little too "form over function" for your taste? The BookEndz Docking Station allows you to plug your PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro into (or out of) everything on your desk with one pull of a lever.

There's a BookEndz designed specifically for each Mac laptop, equipped with all the same ports (excluding power and ExpressCard) - just plug everything into the dock, place your laptop onto the snug fitting tray, and pull the lever to plug in.

Starting at $159 for the MacBook version, BookEndz aren't cheap - but for a busy professional who is in and out of the office all day, getting up and running (or out and running) within seconds is likely to be of far greater value.

BookEndz Docking Station Models

  • 17-inch MacBook Pro - $319.95
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro - $299.95
  • 13-inch MacBook - $159
  • 17-inch PowerBook G4 - $299.95
  • 15-inch PowerBook G4 - $274.95
  • For more information and ordering, visit BookEndz.

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