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BomBoard modular PWC comes apart and goes in your trunk


March 26, 2014

The BomBoard disassembles into four modules, and can be put back together in one minute

The BomBoard disassembles into four modules, and can be put back together in one minute

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Personal water craft (or PWCs) have been around since the 1950s, and received a boost in popularity when the Kawasaki Jet Ski was released in 1973. Since then, we've seen the introduction of a number of makes and models, all boasting their own unique features. One of the latest, the BomBoard, is claimed to be the world's only modular PWC – and at a planned price of US$3,495, it could also be the cheapest.

The BomBoard consists of four modules, the heaviest of which weighs 80 lb (36 kg). This means that when disassembled, it can be stored in relatively small spaces, and transported in the back of a compact car – no trailer is necessary. Once users reach their destination, it can reportedly be snapped together within 60 seconds.

It can be ridden in a kneeling, standing, or go-cart-like sitting position. It has a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) and a total assembled weight of 150 lb (68 kg), a combo that its Wisconsin-based designers claim makes for very responsive handling and fast acceleration.

They also state that its sub-$3,500 price is due mainly to the fact that it's so small. This means that less material is required to build it, it can be shipped directly to the consumer, and it requires a relatively small engine. Although mechanical specs aren't available (it's still in prototype form, and subject to change), the company states that "[the] small displacement high efficiency engine allows hours of use on only a few gallons of gasoline."

A new base model Kawasaki Jet Ski, for reference, will cost you almost $10,000.

If you're a potential customer or investor, you can make your interest known via the link below. Delivery of the first units is planned for spring of 2015 (Northern Hemisphere).

The prototype can be seen in action in the following video.

Source: BomBoard

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This is a brilliant idea! Cheap, portable, no trailer. PERFECT for me!

Dax Wagner

That gives me an idea. Somebody should take PWCs all the way and go fully horizontal to make the world's first water luge. Kickstarter, here I come!


I'm getting more and more pissed about these things. Almost every week now yet another one of those things is presented. There is hardly any lake any more where one can just sit down and enjoy the quiet, or go for a swim without risking to be overrun by those. Is it really necessary? I don't like it at all, just like in so many other occasions the fun and profit of a few makes it unbearable for the rest of us. And oh yes, don;t dare to say anything because that makes you the spoilsport/a-hole/"that guy".


I'd like to see that guy put the 80lbs piece into the trunk. The price point is attractive, especially since you'll want two of them. I'd like a couple.

Paul Anthony

40 mph at $3,500, a tough goal indeed! Guessing to see 40 with a 200 lb. rider you'll end up at closer to 225 lbs. and be hard pressed to stay under $5,000. Kawasaki quit making these and Yamaha will stop in the near future. When the best water craft builders in the world quit you know you have a difficult road a head. You should contact Herbie Flethcher this guy took the original jet ski and ran them in big ocean waves, he knows his PWC's! All the best will keep an eye on this one.


Mass produce, awesome & cheaper than the SeaDoos etc Must for rentals & sales alone.

Stephen Russell
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